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SENOS DAMOS VIZITAS rodomas su titrais anglų kalba ( 02 21 )

2020 m. vasario 21 d.  18:00 val.  spektaklis Friedrich Dürrenmatt „Senos damos vizitas“ (rež. Aidas Giniotis) rodomas su titrais anglų kalba.

Jūsų patogumui kviečiame įsigyti bilietų už 12 eilės.

Bilietų galima įsigyti teatro kasoje kasdien 10.30-19.00, Tiketos kasose ir 

Plačiau anglų kalba.

February 21  6:00 PM

With English surtitles

Friedrich Dürrenmatt

The Visit

Director Aidas Giniotis

The small, impoverished town of the province, where the factories have been out of service for a long time and there are no trains carrying important passengers, is visited by the fabulously rich lady Clara. This town is a place where she grew up, but one day left and returned after more than four decades. The multimillionaire Clara, who can financially support the townspeople, is the last hope to restore the town’s prosperity. The old lady agrees to donate one billion francs, but with one condition – justice must be restored in the town by killing one man who broke her heart when she was young.

Two-act play

Duration – 2.30

The Main Hall


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