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Spektkalis BIOGRAFIJA: VAIDINIMAS rodomas su sinchroniniu vertimu į anglų kalbą ( 04 22 d.)

Publikos mėgiamą  spektaklį Max Frish  „Biografija:vaidinimas“ balandžio 22 d. 18 val. rodysime susincroniniu vertimu į anglų kalbą. Kviečiame šia žinia pasidalinti su bičiuliais, miesto svečiais. Verčia KTU Socialinių ir humanitarinių mokslų fakulteto Studijų prodekanė, dr. Dainora Maumevičienė.

„Biography: a play acting“ – is one of the most honored performances of National Kaunas drama theatre on this season. It is awarded for the best directing (Gintaras Varnas ) and for the best actor role (Dainius Svobonas), also recognized as the best performance of Lithuanian spring festival, Kaunas 2015.

„Biography: a play acting“ – it is a piece where the inevitability of destiny, variations of personal choices and an utopic desire to change a biography of a personal life are analysed. The surrealistic opportunity to realize life as a play on stage , in order to change unpleasant or failed situations anew is discussed. Elements of absurd are not alien and could be traced like in F. Kafka’s play The Trial, where personal choices become an illusion, because Destiny/God/Recorder always stands behind and cynically evaluates the life of a person as being only one more case in the Universe. A person who knows his destiny for 7 years ahead still makes particular mistakes and the critical Human error is inevitable.



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