Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

Baltic Theatre Festival programme

Baltic Theatre Festival is a third Baltic dramaturgy festival in Lithuania but it would be first time then it is going to be in Kaunas National Kaunas Drama Theatre. Event is going to be from 24th till 27th of October.  All the performances at the festival are based on dramaturgy from its own country: Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. There will be shown 7 different performances. An international jury and theatre critics and practitioners who visit the festival voice their opinions about the performances. The competition programme is evaluated by an international jury.


Baltic Theatre Festival Kaunas-2013





Duration 3.00

National Kaunas drama theatre (Lithuania)
Aušra Marija Sluckaitė Balta drobulė/The White Shroud
Director Jonas Jurašas. Didžioji scena/Big stage



Duration  1.10

Dirty Deal Teatro (Latvia)  Festival gests
Jānis Balodis NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN/Nacionālais attīstības plāns
Director  Valters Sīlis Mažoji scena/Small stage



Duration 1.30

Tallinn City Theatre (Estonia)
Paavo Piik END OF THE CHAIN/Keti lõpp
Director  Priit Võigemast. Rūtos salė/Ruth stage



Duration  1.35

Latvian National Theatre
THE LOST TIME QUOTE/Zudušo laiku citējot
Director Ināra Slucka. Didžioji scena/ Big stage



Duration 2.20

Valmiera theatre (Latvia)
Alvis Lapiņš WANDERER’S PRAYER/ Klaidoņa lūgšana
Director  Varis Brasla. Rūtos salė/Ruth stage



Duration 2.20

Vanemuine theatre ( Estonia)
CAREER/ Karjäär
Director Uku Uusberg. Didžioji scena/ Big stage



Duration 1.30

Menų spaustuvė (Lithuania)
RIBOS/LIMITS by Julius Paškevičius drama
Director Tadas Montrimas. Rūtos salė/Ruth stage





P.S 23.00( each day) Ddiscussions after  the performances ( members of delegations, creative team etc.)        

Aušra Marija Sluckaitė Balta drobulėThe White Shroud Drama by A. Škėma novel

National Kaunas Drama Theatre

Director – Jonas Jurašas

Set designer – Gintaras Makarevičius

Composer – Linas Rimša

Costume designer – Jolanta Rimkutė

Choreography – Eglė Mikulionytė

Cast: Dainius Svobonas, Eglė Mikulionytė, Daiva Stubraitė, Gintaras Adomaitis, Liubomiras Laucevičius, Sigitas Šidlauskas, Mindaugas Jankauskas, Henrikas Savickis, Inga Mikutavičiūtė, Saulius Čiučelis, Ugnė Žirgulė, Arūnas Stanionis, Artūras Sužiedėlis, Eugenija Bendoriūtė

Number 87 is going down with the elevator. Up and down. Wandering through his cracky memories – the interwar Kaunas, High Panemunė, Vilnius. 87th – the poet  Antanas Garšva, not having an opportunity to vow only to his creative work and to achieve immortality of the soul, is forced to work Sisyphean lift-operator‘s  work in the largest hotel in New York. His fragmented consciousness is haunted by longing for home, and intermittent he sees images of women whom once he loved. Garšva rejects love, ruptures human relationships, remains lonely in the cage of an elevator, but he still lives in desire of hope fruition.

The character of the play is being torn between love and loss, creative freedom and suffering – this is an immediate illustration of a human personality whom suffers during our chaotic times. Garšva, a screw in a huge machine, is recklessly looking for self-actualization. He refuses all his illusions and keeps to himself only his poetry. However, a creative giddiness and desperate efforts to discover the truth brings only suffering …

Duration 3.00 val.

PREMIERE 2012 10 12


„White shroud“. Photo D. Stankevičius

Uku Uusberg Career / Karjäär Drama

Vanemuine  Theatre

Director – Uku Uusberg

Set designer – Artur Tšehhi

Liht designer  – Siim Allas

Cast: Robert Annus, Tanel Jonas, Martin Kõiv, Markus Luik, Maarja Mitt, Aivar Tommingas

 In the morning Evald Liiv took all his belongings from the cabinet and left from work taking along the newspaper… a small theft of school property. The newspaper highlighted the directions of our country’s development. It was pleasing. It would have been good for the others to read.

In the afternoon Evald was seen leaving his home. He had been walking with a firm step and was carrying a picture frame, a toolbox, some clothes, a shovel and a tarpaulin. They said he had walked out from the city.

It all happened today. The curtain opens two and half years later.

Duration: 2.20

PREMIERE –  2012 04 14


„Career“. Vanemuine Theatre photo.

Paavo Piik End of the Chain / Keti lõpp Drama

Tallinn City Theatre

Director – Priit Võigemast

Set and costume designer – Marion Undusk

Music  – Veiko Tubin

Cast: Andero Ermel, Alo Kõrve, Veiko Tubin, Priit Võigemast, Elisabet Reinsalu, Sandra Üksküla , Evelin Võigemast

A fast food chain restaurant. When a young man comes in, asking the frustrated manager for work, he doesn’t know that it’s her final day there, as the restaurant is closing. He is a worn-out scholar with two master degrees, looking for a job with minimal amount of responsibility. She is an eager country girl who has tried her best to keep the restaurant running. Although she has no job to offer him, he sticks around. Witnessing a gallery of passing customers, the two face their own hopes and fears. At closing time they decide to take ecstasy to escape sadness and despair. However, they’re interrupted by an old man, a world famous composer, who happens to step in for a cup of coffee. He is in a crisis too. For a moment, that night in that closing restaurant, these three strangers find in each other the human connection, which ultimately is the only thing to keep one going.

Duration 1.35

PREMIERE  2012 03 03

end oh the chain2

 „End of the chain“. Tallinn City Theatre


Jānis Balodis National Development Plan / Nacionālais attīstības plāns Performance

Dirty Deal Teatro ( Latvia ) Festival guest

Director – Valters Sīlis

Set designer – Uģis Bērziņš

Cast – Jānis Balodis

„National Development Plan” (NDP) is a lecture-performance about a 68 page document which when carried out in real life would in seven years make the population of Latvia twice as rich, educated and happy as now. As the economic breakthrough, which is emphasized throughout the NDP document*,  can only be achieved with the support of the whole population, the performance attempts to reach two things: encourage the spectators in creating their own personal development plan on the basis of NDP, and record the current state of happiness, so that in seven years we can see if we have managed to become twice happier. Will Latvia have managed to become the kind of state it wants to be, for example, such as Sweden? It’s not a mission impossible – the NDP document opens with a famous quote from the great Latvian poet Rainis: „We are as big as our will” – and yes, we are. How big do we want to be in 2020? (Jānis Balodis)

*The National Development Plan 2014–2020 is hierarchically the highest national-level medium-term planning document in Latvia, which was accepted in the government

Duration: 1.00

PREMIERE  2012 12 12 

Nacion?lais att?st?bas pl?ns

Dirty Deal Teatro“. National Development Plan

 Ēriks Vilsons,  Ināra Slucka The Lost Time Quote / Zudušo laiku citējot Drama

Latvian National Theatre

Author of stage version Ēriks Vilsons,  Ināra Slucka

Director – Ināra Slucka

Set and costume designer – Kristīne Abika

The quoting dialog translater  – Raimonds Auškāps

Cinema consultant – Dita Rietuma

Music desing  – Jānis Līde

Light design  – Lienīte Slišāne

Cameraman – Uldis Jancis, Aleksandrs Grebņevs

Videomontage– Linda Ģībiete

Producer – Madara Aizgrāve

Cast: Juris Lisners, Līga Zeļģe, Ģirts Liuziniks, Evija Skulte, Zane Dombrovska, Anna Klēvere, Ēriks Vilsons, Indra Gaiduka, Gunārs Blekte, Elvijs Čibels

„ The lost time quoting“ takes a glimpse into the life of a famous  script-writer who works on a script for a new movie. He chooses people that he is familiar with to be the characters of the movie but he picks himself  to be the main character of the movie. In one moment reality fuses together with fantasy and the made up main character becomes stronger than the script-writer. By using self made material in filming pavilion based on film noir aesthetics, in one moment,the reality of the theatre will aslo fuse together with the world of cinema…

Duration – 1.35

PREMIERE  2012 11 09

Copy of nsmail-100

„The Lost Time Quote“  Latvian National Theatre


Alvis Lapiņš Wanderer’s Prayer / Klaidoņa lūgšana  Drama in 2 acts by Gunars Janovskis novel „Voices behind the darkness”

Valmiera Theatre (Latvia )

Director – Varis Brasla

Stage designer – Mārtiņš Vilkārsis

Costume designer – Ieva Kundziņa

Light designers – Krišjānis Strazdīts ir Mareks Lužinskis

Cast:  Mārtiņš Meiers, Elīna Vāne, Mārtiņš Liepa, Kārlis Freimanis, Januss Johansons, Inese Pudža, Arnolds Osis, Ivo Martinsons, Inese Ramute, Mārtiņš Lūsis

England, Batterley mental disease treatment hospital, 1956.

Arturs Skuja, former Latvian legionnaire, lives double life. During the daytime he is one of countless victims of history, quiet, introvert patient in a small hospital for mentally diseased soldiers of Second World War somewhere in England. At night (or nightmare) he experiences his potential life without the war, losses and exile, meets with his dead friend and abandoned beloved.

Duration  2.20

PREMIERE   2012 12 01

Copy of foto_Markovskis_009

„Wanderer’s Prayer“. Photo Markovskis


Julius Paškevičius  Ribos / Limits (N-16) Drama

Menų spaustuvė (Lithuania)

 Director – Tadas Montrimas

 Scenography and costume – Laura Luišaitytė

Video artist – Andrius Paškevičius

 Cast: Valerijus Jevsejevas, Julius Paškevičius, Dainius Jankauskas

Three people meet at the investigative insulator at the police office. The first one is a young guy who made a felony; the second one is a psychiatrist, who has to find whether the first person is compos mentis. The third person is a policeman, who believes that criminals have to be jailed and can‘t be treated at mental hospital.

All three parties are involved in a conflict. The policeman threatens psychiatrist that he can lose his job because the policeman is a nephew of the head of the police office. The psychiatrist tries not to lose control and the accused guy makes an attempt that what he did was neither a crime nor mental illness.

The play „Limits“ is a storyboard about a young man trying to change antiquated, obsolete rules of living.

Duration 1.30

PREMIERE 2011 12 14

Copy of W 11 photo-D.Matvejevas©

„Limits“. Photo D. Matvejevas




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