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Upcoming premiere THE EARTH with EN surtitles (December 10,11)

On the 10, and 11th of December we present the premiere THE EARTH wit EN  surtitles.

The Earth is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the classic literature of Ukraine and their modern interpretation in the theatre. A team of Ukrainian artists from Kiev presents a production of the novel by Olha Kobylianska (1863-1942) at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. The play tells an intriguing story about family, their love and betrayal, war and death, parent-child relations and other eternal human themes are intertwined in a play. The novel is based on a true tragedy in the village of Dymtsi – a brother kills his elder brother in order to inherit his parents’ land. Although The Earth is set in a Ukrainian village in the 19th and 20th centuries, the biblical story of the first crime of mankind – fratricide – is universal at all times and in all parts of the world. The earth nourishes man, sustains life, provides a home, determines the characters’ place in the community and their perception of the world. The earth is a force that dictates man’s will, it punishes and educates and destroys. The earth is the element that kills and is still being killed for today. The earth is the main character who determines the fate of us all.

Director Ivan Uryvskyi

Text adaptation   Ivan Uryvskyi

Set designer Petro Bogomazov

Costume designer  Tetiana Ovsiichuk

Actors Saulius Čiučelis, Vaidas Maršalka, Martyna Gedvilaitė, Audronė Paškonytė, Kęstutis Povilaitis, Agnieška Ravdo.

Premiere – on 10, 11 of December at 6 pm, 2022 at the Main stage




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