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Upcoming plays with ENGLISH SURTITLES: January 2022

We are presenting these plays with ENGLISH surtitles in June 2022:

2022 Januray 29th and 30th 6pm “Ghetto” by Joshua Sobol. The  Main  Stage. Director Gintaras Varnas.

World War II. Nazi-occupied Lithuania has become a death trap for Jews. Men, women, and children are imprisoned in ghettos and the only way out leads to a pit in the ground. Ghetto is a story of how people imprisoned in the Vilna Ghetto came up with a unique idea – establishing a ghetto theatre, which even in the face of death became their beacon of inner strength and resistance against the Nazi. This is a drama about their collective fight for physical and spiritual survival, even when they knew that the enemy was a hundred times stronger.



2022  February 4 “Nathan The Wise” by G. Ephraim Lessing. The Main Stage. Director Gintaras Varnas.

Once upon a time in the Eastern lands, there lived a man who had a magical ring. Whoever wore the ring was followed by God’s grace and glory. The ring was always passed from one generation to another to the most beloved son in the family. Once, however, it ended up in the hands of a man who had three sons whom he loved equally. The man could not make up his mind to whom he should give the ring. Before his death, he went to see the jeweller and asked him to make two more such rings. Then he secretly gave a ring to each of his sons and passed away. When the sons saw that all of them had rings, they began quarrelling and arguing. Which ring is the real one? Which two are worthless copies? Who is destined to become the chosen one? Three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, even nowadays, try to prove that only one of them is true and fair.


“Nathan The Wise”

In order to ensure the best visibility of the surtitles, we highly recommend the seats above the 12th row.  Tickets to National Kaunas Drama Theatre (NKDT) plays are available at the Theatre’s box-office and all “Tiketa” box-offices also

Photos by Donatas Stankevičius

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