Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras


The Main Stage

It was opened in 1959, after the reconstruction of the old Cinema Theatre. During the reconstruction the stage was adapted for acting.  The new project for reconstruction, developed by architect A. Kančas, was presented in 2008 and successfully completed in October 2012.

Name The Main Stage

Stage height is 20 m

Stage width is 19.68 m

Stage depth (without proscenium) is 4.7 m

Wings are 48.26 m²

The number of seats is 498

Address: Laisvės al. 71 (Google maps)

Rūta’s Hall

(Ruth hall) This hall was opened in 2011 during the premiere performance Pamokslas žuvims (A Sermon to Fish) by director Vidmantas Baltulis.  This hall was one of the most favorite creative spaces before the opening of the Main Stage.

Name Rūta’s Hall

Stage height is 4 m

Stage width is 19.8 m

Stage depth is 7.3 m

The number of seats is 171

Address: Laisvės al. 71 (Google maps)

The Long Hall

One of the most unique halls was opened in 1990 during the performance Smėlio klavyrai (Claviers of Sand) by director J. Jurašas. Well known performances Heda Gabler (director G. Varnas), Patala (Ward) (director R. Kazlas), Andersono gatvė (Street of Andersen)  (director I. Paliulytė) were created in this hall. This hall is not adapted for the disabled. We apologize for this inconvenience and suggest choosing a performance offered in the Main Stage, the Small Stage or Rūta’s Hall.

Name the Long Hall

Stage height is 4 m

Stage width is 4.6 m

Stage depth is 25 m

The number of seats is 98

Address:  Kęstučio str. 62  (Google maps)

The Small Stage

This stage was built during the reconstruction of the theatre. It has an exclusive and unique glass corridor with a view to the New Town of Kaunas and the residential area Žaliakalnis (the Green Hill).

Name Small Stage

Stage height is 4 m

Stage width is 9.9 m

Stage depth is 5 m

The number of seats is 102

Address: Laisvės al. 71  (Google maps) 

The Main Stage Lobby

It is hard to believe that the entrance of the Metropolitan theatre once was the narrowing of the Main Stage Lobby.

Name The Main Stage Lobby

The number of seats is 100

The number of standing-room is 100

In order to book performances or rent a hall, please contact Skaistė Jurėnė, the head of the Department for Culture and Tourism.

Telephone: +370 37 32 42 05
Cell phone: +370 656 06966


The triumph of Judith

The Ward

The triumph of Judith

The Ward

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