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“Dive into the Theatre” is an annual educational festival, organized by the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. The first festival, dedicated to children and youngsters, was initiated in 2011 by the theatre’s managerial department. In 2014 the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania awarded this project as one of the best educational projects in area of culture.

The idea of the festival is to provide children and youngsters with an opportunity to get acquainted with the theatre behind the curtains. Participants are able to observe processes of costume, scenery and prop development and production. The ones willing to get acquainted with spaces and history of the theatre can take a tour around the theatre. And the ones who want to understand subtleties of the profession of an actor, a scenographer and a director are invited to join creative workshops.

During seven years of festival’s existence a lot of professionals of the stage have been “diving“ together with participants. The creators have shared their experience and emphasized the importance of self-expression, the necessity of a creative process and a possibility to apply it in both art and daily life.

Every year the festival “Dive into the Theatre“ offers a wide range of lectures delivered by professionals who teach how to creatively solve conflicts, how to relax, release personal creative powers, and ask yourself questions like: “how can I create?“, “am I talented?“

Although the festival is dedicated to children and youngsters, parents with their little ones have also dived into the waters of the theatre where they have found various activities in the endless ocean of the theatre. They have been offered workshops in tale writing, amusing tactile and other senses related tasks and creative games that foster creative bonds of a family and give flavour to life.

Performances are an inseparable part of the theatre, therefore, during the festival you are welcome to visit various performances meant for different age groups, from children to grandparents. During the seven years of festival’s existence, spectators have already seen plays of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre, Keistuoliu Teatras (Strangers’ Theatre), Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, students of Klaipėda and Šiauliai Universities and independent troupes. Participants of the festival have also watched video records of performances and have had discussions with the creative troupes.

The festival “Dive into the Theatre” is open to people who are creative, always in good mood and full of ideas. It reminds all the participants that when winter is over and early spring comes, it is worth searching for diving gear and dive, dive into the theatre and explore the creative depths and discover them anew.

On March 12-17 the festival “Dive into the Theatre 2019” returns to the spaces of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre, opening up new creative depths. After more than a year break, the festival has grown into an international, interactive theatre event with over 50 events: three foreign troupes, an experimental premiere and loads of workshops dedicated to gourmets of the theatre and even for those, who open our doors for the first time. The selection is wide and divided by age groups. Foreign guests – artists Ariel Sereni Brown and Asaf Shouten (Israel), “Kompani13” (Norway), “Fidget Feet” (Ireland) are joined by “Labaiteatras” with a musical performance “Around the World 2” and a performance by the Šiauliai State Drama Theatre “Mindaugas”. The festival will be opened with a special premiere “Kaunas WiFi” and closed with a performance by Israeli guest “A-hole Fuckin Loser.”
We promise you will dive out dry but soaked
with impressions!

„Dive into the Theatre”




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Dorian | The part of Kaunas 2022 programme

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