Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

The Originals

  • A two-act comic drama

The Main Stage


About Us

The THEATRE FACTORY is a contemporary, creative, innovative, bold, and astonishing environment, reflecting personalities of the young artists who create there. This is a place conducive to experimentation and discovering the hidden, inspiring others and learning the new, experiencing life and theatre in full, and implementing ideas.

The THEATRE FACTORY is the space for young artists to conduct project activities, give artistic performances and host events, provide educational programmes, realize their full potential, produce new ideas, and cooperate. Making the first steps should not be difficult: we are ready to provide the space for your experiments and implementation of ideas, to encourage, consult, and share our knowledge with you.

Today, the premises of the former fur factory have become a space for creative experimentation. If you are enthusiastic about testing yourself and want to contribute to activities of the THEATRE FACTORY by sharing your ideas and thoughts, e-mail us by sending a message to the following address:


The THEATRE FACTORY offers premises for events and performances. Currently, the Tavern Hall, the Long Hall, and the Lobby is on offer.

The Tavern Hall

The Tavern Hall is a cosy place to hold various events and discussions, conduct creative activities, give performances and small concerts, provide educational programs, etc.

The Tavern Hall can seat 50 people.
Stage size: 3.74 m x 5.02 m
Stage height: 3 m

The Long Hall

Various performances, including plays, can be delivered in a non-traditional space of the Long Hall. The Long Hall is ideal for conducting artistic experiments and hosting events.

Stage height: 4 m
Stage size: 4,6 m x 25 m
Number of seats: 200

The Lobby

The Lobby space can be used to host smaller events. It is suitable for delivering performances and presentations, and for holding meetings.

To inquire about the premises, send an e-mail to the address or contact Manager Skaistė Jurėnė on phone number +370 656 06966.


The database of young artists

The THEATRE FACTORY initiates the setting up of a database of young artists and actively engages in its creation. Young culture and art creators (18-35 years of age), managers of cultural projects, and performing arts critics can register in the database, having filled in a registration form.

By using this database you will:

  • be the first one to receive all the news about activities of the THEATRE FACTORY, invitations, and information on project applications;
  • be able to present your activities, become visible and easily discoverable by other artists, business people, and interested representatives;
  • be able to propose your ideas, search for project partners, managers, etc.

You may fill in the registration form by clicking here

By filling in the registration form you consent to receiving the information from the THEATRE FACTORY, related to your field of art. You also give informed consent to publicizing your e-mail address and other personal details on the database when the public database is launched.



You can follow the news about current projects and events at


Kęstučio str. 62, Kaunas
Phone number +370 656 06966
Manager Skaistė Jurėnė


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FOUR moved from 2020 04 28


GHETTO moved from 2020 04 09

THE STREET OF ANDERSEN moved from 2020 04 19

ASTRID moved from 2020 05 16

DANGEROUS LIAISONS moved from 2020 04 25

THE LOCALS moved from 2020 05 16

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