Events 2021 October 21 d.

The Upcoming Premiere: Performance based on the Contemporary Play ‘Summer Wasps Bite Us Even in November’ by Ivan Vyrypaev

The performance is being prepared by a young director Nino Maglakelidze that has already been acknowledged in Georgia with her debut performance. On November 18 and 19, at the Long Hall, the viewers will be met by a performance based on the play ‘Summer Wasps Bite Us Even in November’ written by the internationally recognised figure of the Russian drama scene Ivan Vyrypaev; in the performance, the characters will be portrayed by a perfect trio of actors: Goda Petkutė, Sigitas Šidlauskas, and Dainius Svobonas. 

In 2017, the director and actress Nino Maglakelidze completed her studies at the Saint-Petersburg Institute of Performing Arts and for a year worked as an actress in Saint Petersburg. Later she moved to Georgia. Currently, she is implementing her creative plans here. It needs to be noted that she is accompanied by success: the performance based on the play ‘The Wind in the Poplars’ by Gérald Sibleyras and staged at the Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre acquired the recognition of the theatre community, audience, and critics – it was selected as the best Georgian performance of the 2020 season. Moreover, Nino Maglakelidze has staged a performance in Kutaisi State Puppet Theatre based on the motifs of the fairy tale ‘The Ugly Duckling’ by Hans Christian Andersen, as well as Vyrypaev’s ‘Summer Wasps Bite Us Even in November’ at the Poti Theatre, and a filmed solo performance based on Vakhtang Pirtskhalava’s ‘Cut Shoes’ at Batumi International Theatre Festival.

Rehearsal moment. D. Stankevičius photo

From the first glance, the storyline of ‘Summer Wasps Bite Us Even in November’ reminds us of a detective: a man, his wife, and their family friend are trying to find out where their friend Marcus was on Monday’s evening. Each of them claims that he’s been with them. They even have clear evidence and witnesses. They try to convince others that the truth is on their side. All of them sound very believable but Marcus could not have been at a few places at the same time. So, where was he really at? The innocent discussion is slowly turning into a strange game, provoking open confessions, and exposing wounds. The storyline is shifting towards absurdity. It goes over the limits of a love triangle or family drama and finally becomes irrelevant. Here, something else matters more – the world in which each of us attempts to force our views on others. As in many other plays of the Russian playwright Ivan Vyrypaev, here the action takes place in one room with the door to outer space. In this space, eternal questions and current relevant issues are floating – but on which side lies the truth? Or maybe it can be on more than one side? Can we accept other people without trying to re-educate and change them? Without forcing them to perceive the world as we do? How can we communicate in today’s divided world? How can we live when it is impossible to do so?

Director and designer: Nino Maglakelidze (Georgia), music selected by Nino Maglakelidze. Actors: Goda Petkutė (Sarah), Dainius Svobonas (Robert), Sigitas Šidlauskas (Donald).

Translation from the Russian language by Artiomas Rybakovas.

One-act comedy

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