Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

The Story of how National Kaunas Drama Theatre in Lithuania Became Accessible ( presentation)

Accessibility of information in general, not only audio-visual production, has become of the key significance with an aim to provide it for the users/customers, however at the same time to increase the internationalisation and return on investment of many companies. The theatre is no exception as well due to the fact that it can introduce culture to foreign visitors and guests of some country but also Lithuanians with special needs. This presentation aims to describe an actual case of simultaneous interpreting into the English language in the National Kaunas Drama Theatre which is one of the oldest and leading drama theatres in Lithuania. The project started in 2015 with the participation of translators and interpreters (teachers and students) from Kaunas University of Technology with an aim to provide access to the theatre and its production, which later developed into surtitling and audio-descriptions and other projects. Challenges and lessons learned are discussed as well as competences of future translators and interpreters are touched upon.

The source: Translating for Europe


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