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The performance “Peer Gynt” was attended by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Lithuania

On 16th of June, the performance “Peer Gynt” by Henrik Ibsen was attended by the Ambassador of Norway to Lithuania J. E. Ole Terje Horpestad. He met the Hungarian director of the play Scaba Polgár, scenographer and costume designer Lili Izsák, and actors embodying the character of Peer Gynt after the event. The esteemed ambassador was impressed by the Norwegian author’s interpretation of the work and its visual performance, and the acting. We can rejoice that this premiere is not the only connection with Norway, as the National Kaunas Drama Theater is preparing for the international premiere “Tower of Babel”, which will take place in August with artists from Norway, Iceland, Hungary, and Lithuania. The performance “Perr Gynt” ended the first season of its life, which was very favorable for it: the artist Lili Izsák was nominated for the Golden Stage Cross, award, and the actor Dainius Svobonas was also nominated for the Golden Stage Cross for the role of Peer Gynt and won the Fortune Award for the embodiment of this character.

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