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The performance HAMLET will be showed with English surtitles on the 16th of January 2019

Hamlet one of the famoust productions of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre, directed by Vidas Bareikis. The theatre kindly asks everyone to share this information with Kaunas visitors as well as English-speaking city residents.

Hamlet’s personality in director’s Vidas Bareikis play is neither that of a romantic hero nor of an idealist. He is just a man looking for the truth. His feelings are real, ranging from love and hectic revenge to mourning, rage and desperation. All the emotions create a real human being with all possible colours and shades. Perhaps that is the reason which makes the play so relevant after hundreds of years.

The play is a part of Vidas Bareikis’ beloved initiative “Theatre in the Theatre”. This initiative treats theatre like a shining light that helps to see what is hidden behind shadows – author’s intentions, his dualistic personality, existance and everything what happens in or outside the theatre. Hamlet thinks of the theatre as the last institution of justice and raises the question why we are so influenced by our environment? Can our lives be more meaningful? What does duty mean? Why just a few of us have the courage to break the boundaries of limitation?

The performace is shown in the Main Hall of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

In order to ensure the best visibility of the surtitles, we highly recommend the seats above the 12th row.

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