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The international project Tower of Babel: from an idea to the process

The international project Tower of Babel is intended for 14-16-year-old teenagers. The project aims to look at global problems through the eyes of a young person, actualise these problems by using the language of interactive theatre, and encourage critical thinking of young people. Every day the public hears information on geopolitical changes. What do young people think of these changes? How do they see themselves in this context? How do they see their future? Do they care about the climate change or decay of democratic principles in modern society? Do they see themselves as individuals or members of society? By referring to the well-known biblical motive of the Tower of Babel, the Norwegian director of the performance Hilde Brinchmann will create an epic concerning faith and opportunities while inviting the participants of the performance to also become its storytellers.


The international project is funded by the open call Supporting Access to Culture and Strengthening Cultural Education under the Culture programme of the European economic area financial mechanism 2014–2021, Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022, and Erasmus+ funds.

The name of the project: The creation of interactive performance Tower of Babel, project code: LT04-1-KM-K01-039

The implementation deadline of the project: 10 June 2021 – 12 April 2023

For more information regarding EEA and Norwegian financial mechanisms see:

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