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The Earth

  • One-act performance (Age limit:14+)

The Main Stage

The international festival scene 10×10 is started by the troupe MUST KAST from Estonia

When the bubble of the Baltic States does not burst, the  National Kaunas Drama Theater lights up the green light of the international festival Scena 10×10. Let’s face it, the yellow waiting light lasted a long time, but it only confirmed that creative energy is unstoppable.

The first guests of the Scena 10×10 festival come from Estonia. On September 18 and 19, we will see a performance of black humor (this humor has saved many lately)  “Beating At The Stables Of The Manor“ (Peks Mõisatallis). This performance of the troupe “Must Kast” is a great opportunity to get to know our Estonian neighbors better and to destroy the stereotypes hidden in the subconscious, whether they are slow in silence or whether they are necessarily carrying Kalev chocolate when going to guests.

The performance “Beating At The Stables Of The Manor” is the winner of the Estonian Annual Theatre Award in youth theatre category 2018.


Dramaturg PAUL PIIK




““Beating At The Stables Of The Manor”” Is an humorous insight to being an Estonian: a part of a nation for whom singing and suffering walk hand in hand. We

have been taught to think of suffering as something sacred. Yes, we can take it all -we swallow the biggest injustice without a single word of hesitation ever crossing our

lips. But is life really such a struggle all the time? How much do we want and can endure? In our history, suffering was inevitable, but sense of humor was a choice.

Which one of those actually saved us?

The collaboratively created performance discusses being Estonian the way we see it, and how we believe that others see it. We want to know, what makes an Estonian

an Estonian. What is our favourite way of suffering? Where to next? What are the genuine roots of our national self-awereness? And how much are we willing to

endure as actors, as audience, and members of society? This year in Estonia we celebrate our Centenary, and the wellfare we have today is unprecedented. But even 25 years of total independence after the end of Soviet Occupation has not been able to make us forget our proverb: ‘Who suffers the most, lives the longest’.

Performance in Kaunas is shown with simultaneous translation to Lithuanian.

Premiered on the 24th of February 2017

Duration 75 minutes

Youth, Adults, 16+


 Must Kast is a small and professional project theatre, which operates since 2014 at Genialistide Klubi, Tartu, Estonia. The theatre creates spectacles for both children and grown-ups and values direct communication with its audience. Most of the  members are alumni of TÜ Viljandi Culture Academy. Must Kast is also a member of ASSITEJ Estonia.

“Must Kast” is Estonian for “black box”, a type of stage that is open to a million possibilities for the theatre miracle to be born. That is what Must Kast as a theatre believes in – the birth of magic without formal predescriptions. A theatre that does not manifest itself in words, but in actions; a theatre that is growing with its audience; a theatre that without lowering artistic standards can address anyone.



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