Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

The famous Kutaisi theater will feature outstanding repertoire performances

October 13th and 15th in National Kaunas Drama Theater will host the troupe of Kutaisi State Lado Meskhishvili Drama Theater (Sakartwell), which has a rich history and commemorates its 157th season, presenting two performances: a psychological drama colored by temperament and a contemporary comedy.

Meskhishvili is one of the oldest theatres in the Georgian theatrical sphere. The theatre opened its 157th season this year. Many famous directors, actors, and composers worked here at different times. The birth of theatre in Kutaisi is connected to the name of the famous Georgian writer – Akaki Tsereteli, initially, the performances were held in homes. A permanent professional troupe was created on the initiative of the great theatrical figure – Kote Meskhi, in 1885. The theater was named after Lado Meskhishvili in 1940, the current building of the theater was opened on November 5, 1855.

The theater troupe is formed by three generations of artists. It helps to blend traditions with modernity and exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as to maintain a healthy creative environment. 

Meskhishvili theatre presents two performances in Lithuania: “Duplet” and “The Truth”.

Havel’s and Pinter’s storylines went along with each other perfectly. The result of the compromise a person makes in Havel’s play is shown in the play by Pinter. If the authors speak separately about cause and effect, the director and author of the stage version Kote Abashidze united this chain of events and turned it into a single work of art, this is how we got DUPLET or double shot.

“The Truth” is Zeller’s famous comedy. Here we are talking about the viciousness of society, tragicomic situations, false relations and people’s lazy, heartless attitudes to one another. Lie for lie – this is how “the truth” world is created.

October 13, 6:00 PM. 

Vaclav Havel/ Harold Pinter


One-act play

Cast: Eliza Suladze, Davit Roinishvili, Zviad Svanadze.

The play is dedicated to the memory of Vaclav Havel, whose devoted life and work is exemplary for the nations fighting for freedom, independence, and democracy. Primarily the theatre has its original artistic and creative purposes, but in addition to this, it always expresses the nation’s world outlook. Based on this, the synthesis of these two authors’ works – legendary Vaclav Havel’s Audience and the Noble Prize Laureate Harold Pinter’s One for the Road is the true proof of this. The performance “DUPLET” expresses the position, which condemns violence, human rights abuse and affirms freedom as the way of striving for progress and development. In the words of Vaclav Havel: “Freedom is a value that is obtained at the cost of sacrifice”. This is the main idea of the play and the reason we chose it. Our nation has sacrificed a lot on a thorny path to democracy.

The Main Hall

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

With Lithuanian surtitles.


October 15, 6:00 PM.

Florian Zeller

The Truth

Comedy in One Act

Staging Director – Giorgi Shalutashvili

Designer – Teo Kukhianidze

Music Adaptation – Nino Alavidze

Technical Director – Inga Meskhoradze

Cast: Davit Roinishvili, – Sophio Chiradze, Nino Choladze, Giorgi Shalamberidze. 

Date of the Premiere: October 18, 2018

Misho and Lizzie use to meet each other after dinner at the hotel for the past six months. Misho has got the wife and Lizzie has the husband, so they don’t have much time to spend a night or to stay together for a long time. It makes the situation even worse than Lizzie’s husband – Leo is Misho’s best friend. Lizzie is irritated, worries about the suspicious gaze of the hotel administrator, she’s also concerned by Misho’s inattention towards her, that the lover’s always in a hurry and doesn’t have much time for her.

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