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  • A two-act comic drama

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Stage 10×10

Stage 10×10 is a new format international festival of National Kaunas Drama Theater.

The name is encrypted theatrically. 10×10 is a dimensional stage where all ten theaters from abroad and Lithuania will perform during the festival. The performances are intended for both classical theater lovers and picky theater gourmets.

Geography: Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Georgia.

Names: Krystian Lupa, Eimuntas Nekrošius, Oskaras Koršunovas, Jonas Vaitkus, Aleksandras Špilevojus, Jaša Koceli (Slovenia), Csaba Polgár (Hungary), Peeter Jalakas (Estonia), Birgit Landberg (Estonia), Nino Maglakelidze (Georgia), Konstantine Abashidze (Georgia).

Range: from minimalist solutions to theatrical series!

Slogan: Start with one – see them all!

2020 September 18, 19

 „Beating at the Stables Of the Manor“ (Teatris Must Kast, Estonia)

Director: Birgit Landberg

Scenography: Illimar Vihmar

Light: Emil Kallas

Sound: Sten Arvi

Dramaturg: Paul Piik

Producer: Reeli Lonks

Cast: Jaanika Tammaru, Kaarel Targo, Kristjan Lüüs

Peks Mõisatallis” is a humorous insight into being an Estonian: part of a nation where singing and suffering walk hand in hand. We have been taught to think of suffering as something sacred. Yes, we can take it all – we swallow the biggest injustice and not a single word of hesitation will ever cross our lips. Even the history books confirm this: Estonians are a nation that has endured slavery for 700 years and everything we will ever achieve will paid for with sweat, blood, and tears.

But, is life really such a struggle all the time? How much can we and wish to endure?

A picture has been painted of our past as a black hole, where ceilings where oh so low and our national dish ‘kört’ was oh so watery. But during the first year of theatre school, we were taught a dance called ‘The Stone Jacket’. It is a dance that talks of Estonian peasants who sew stone and hay under their jackets in order to endure the whipping by the lord of the manor. The lords whipped them as hard as they could and the recipients screamed as if being tortured while not feeling a thing. After the beating, they ran home giggling: ‘See, how I screamed this time!’ Suffering was inevitable, but a sense of humor was a choice. Which one of those actually saved us?

The collaboratively created play discusses being Estonian the way we see it and how we see others observe it. We ask what makes and Estonian an Estonian. What is our favorite way to suffer that we have mastered? Where next? Where really are the roots of Estonianness? And how much are we willing to endure as actors, the audience and members of society?

This year we celebrate our 100th year of independence, and the wellfare we have today is unprecedented. But even 25 years of total freedom after the end of Soviet Occupation, we haven’t been able to overcome our national moto: Who suffers the most, will live the longest’.

“Peks Mõisatallis” is a directorial debut for a young director Birgit Landberg, who graduated from Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy in the spring of 2015. She describes her earlier works like “Aadamamängud” (“Games of Adam”), “Ada ja Evald” and “Kaunitar ja Koletis” (“Beauty and the Beast”) with a phrase “party on the stage”. Birgit does not appreciate art for the sake of art, Birgit does not appreciate suffering for the name of art.

Must Kast (Black Box), as a stage, is something that is opened for every possibility, where “theatre magic” can be born out of thin air. Must Kast, (Black Box) as a theatre, thrives from that very idea. We believe in theater, where everything is possible. We believe in theater that does not manifest itself through words but by actions. We believe in theater that grows with its audience. We believe in theater that could reach everybody, but without making any compromises in quality.

Duration  1:15. Big Stage 

With synchronic translation in Lithuanian

2020 October 17

JAIK (Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)

 The most voluminous theatre piece in Von Krahl Theatre’s history, where theatre meets film meets installation art meets event marketing meets service design.

Author and director Peeter Jalakas

Cameraman: Erik Põllumaa
Set Designer :Kristel Saan
Dramatists: Peeter Jalakas, Tarmo Jüristo, Eero Epner, Peeter Laurits, Juhan Raud, Laura Raud ja Taavi Eelmaa

Main roles: Mari Abel, Jim Ashilevi, Taavi Eelmaa, Peeter Jalakas, Ingmar Jõela, Kait Kall, Ott Kartau, Mart Koldits, Erki Laur, Liis Lindmaa, Riina Maidre, Tõnis Niinemets, Steffi Pähn, Ivo Reinok, Raivo E. Tamm, Tiina Tauraite, Liina Vahtrik, Juhan Ulfsak

In episodic roles: Jüri Muttika, Loore Martma, Rein Pakk, Tõnu Oja, Jaanika Arum, Tõnu Trubetsky, Tõnis Mägi, Priit Parro, Marko Mardim, Sulev Süld, Mati Turi, Valter Eplik, Toomas Hussar, Aleksander Eelmaa, Nils Mattias Steinberg, Jelena Skulskaja, Sander Põldsaar, Alo Puustak, Priit Raud, Madis Mäeorg, Peeter Laurits, Henri Laupmaa, Juhan Raud, Aleksander Sproghis, Jan Kaus, Herkko Labi, Markus Luik ja paljud teised

Premiere on Sept 5th 2019

In a small European country known for its technological prowess and innovation, there was once a company that, at the very beginning of our story, is more than just a company. Namely, he had managed to combine the different layers of reality into one complete environment. The name of this environment, no – this world was Jaik.

You have reached the gate of the first synesthesium. Hang up your sword and armour by the entry. Our name is JAIK.
By getting rid of the obligation of bordering yourself with yourself and the dictatorship of “me”, a whole new world with countless possibilities to be alive opens up. In JAIK we live all our possible lives! By giving synesthetic media platform JAIK access to your digitized character and personality traits, habits, and fantasies, you will have the chance to live lives that have been proven impossible.
Nothing is true.
Everything is allowed.
Be prepared for sacrifices.
The world is not the sum of the summands.
The creation is bigger than the creator.
The process is irreversible.
You have entered the newfound existence.

Established in 1992, Von Krahl Theatre was the first non-state theatre company in newly independent Estonia. In the 1990’s avant-garde theatre Von Krahl was the birthplace of postmodern and contemporary Estonian theatre.

Since the very beginning, Von Krahl Theatre has been a disruptor in the initially stagnant world of Estonian theatre, which used to be heavily grounded in psychological realism and a fetishism of grand old drama personalities with booming voices in dusty wigs. That changed by the end of the ‘90s with the invasion of postmodernism. Bringing a fresh “fuck you” attitude to the game, Von Krahl Theatre was like an artistic alliance of aliens who fused old notions of the drama ritual with fresh ideas about modern art, philosophy, theology, science, love and sex.

In 4 parts with 3 intermissions. Duration 5h. Big Stage

With English titles

2020 October 22

“Wind in the poplars“ (Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre, Georgia)

Based on Gérald Sibleyras drama

Director: Nino Maglakelidze

Music: Nino Maglakelidze

Scenography: Tamuna Gurgenidze

Director’s assistant: Vakhtang Amanatidze

Cast: Davit Roinishvili, Zviad Svanadze, Sulkhan Gogolashvili.

No one knows what results will bring the decision of the three old people, who have become so used to the monotonous way of life, living with the past, the small terrace, the hot soup and the pajamas, that they are dreadfully afraid of change. They too, have turned into the stone statue, which devotedly stands by them and is the part of all their stories. The dream is far away. Far away are the poplars, the tops of which are continuously blown by the wind, as if it was a mechanism of constant action…

Duration 2:30. Small Stage


Your Majesty! (Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Professional State Drama Theatre, Georgia)

Nugzar Lordkipanidze

Based on the short story by Gilbert Cesbron

Director: Kote Abashidze

Designer : Shota Glurjidze

Music: Givi Chlaidze

Assistant Director: Vakhtang Amanatidze

Cast: Zviad Svanadze

In memoriam: Nugzar Lordkipanidze

Once upon a time, a law of freedom and equality established by God was first broken on the earth. A human used his power against the other and declared this “humane” act as his right and privilege.

From that day on, the history of mankind unfolds against the heavy background of a struggle between the individual and the system, the person and the government, the conscious or the subconscious.

The system will always do what we allow!

“Your Majesty!” is concerned with this most urgent and eternal problem – It is based on the short story by Gilbert Cesbron, and is an excellent psychological monodrama created by director Nugzar Lortkupanidze. Thus, this work formed the basis of a play created in the genre of political theater by director Kote Abashidze and actress Nino Tcholadze.

Duration 1:20. Small Stage

2020 November 6, 7

Orkeny „The most beautiful night of the soul“ (Hungary)

Director: Polgár Csaba

With:Ficza István, Nagy Zsolt

Adaptation by: Ármin Szabó-Székely

Set, costume designer: Lili Izsák

Media design: András Juhász

Music: Matkó Tamás

Prompter: Kanizsay Zita

Assistant to the director: Mona Törő, Áron Dávid

Sándor Jászberényi is a writer and reporter. He worked in Iraq, Yemen, Chad, Libya, Nigeria and in the Gaza Strip and lived for many years in Egypt. He made interviews with the Islamic Jihad and the members of the Muslim Fraternity. His short story collection The Most Beautiful Night of the Soul won the Literature Prize of Libri, the biggest publishing house in Hungary.

Duration 1: 35. Ruth Stage

2020 November  22, 23

„Psycho“ ( Glej Theatre, Slovenia)

Director: Jaša Koceli

Author: Davorin Lenko

Scenographer: Darjan Mihajlović Cerar

Costume designer: Branka Pavlič

Music: Miha Petric

Photography: Mankica Kranjec

Light design and technical supervision: Grega Mohorčič

Executive producers: Barbara Poček, Anja Pirnat

Performer: Domen Valič


Slovenia. Here and now. People are disappearing. Some are found, other never. Nobody dares speak about the possibility of a serial killer. This can never happen here. Or can it?

The Ljubljana Dragon has recently started his killing spree across city districts. He leaves dead bodies everywhere he goes. The only other available trace are photographs on the internet. Nobody can catch him and people doubt he even exists.

Performance Psycho searches for proofs and doubts about a man that dives into the Zone, in state beyond any control, area of fantasy, passion and fears. Psycho loves and gives himself away. He celebrates all women of this world. He searches for moments of intimacy and assembles a perfect being out of many personalities. He goes to work, is obsessed by Ljubljana Dragon and his adventures, he films inspirational videos and fantasizes about parallel universe in which he will feel fulfilled.

No genius can exists without its audience. Can serial killer happen without media reporting on it? Can we really have a one night stand if we don’t kiss and tell? Do we experience anything if we don’t post about it on Facebook? Are we fed if we don’t take a picture of our food and post it on Instagram? How much audience does the Psycho inside us need? And of course, how much do you desire to be his audience? Every society produces its deviation, and deviations are inherent part of all of us.

Psycho crosses every boundary, but needs no excess to be understood. He fights the social norms without any compromise and searches for a way out. He tests the limits of what is allowed and acceptable. Psycho is a study of pathological personality and an experiment, which can roll out of control.

New devised performance directed by Jaša Koceli and written by Davorin Lenko. Psycho is inspired by film and novel American Psycho, works and characters of Ted Bundy, Metod Trobec and several other serial killers. And of course painful beauty of 80’s Slovenia pop hits. What do you need to unleash the Psycho inside you?

Duration 1:30. Big Stage

In English

Download programme here

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