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The Flower (Hungary)

One-act play. DIVE INTO THE THETRE 2020

Viktória Szántó
Krisztina Nagy
Patrik Miller

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Two little gardeners are growing a magical flower. They have the same aim: to grow a bud as big as possible and see how it blooms into a wonderful flower blossom. Slowly they understand that by arguing and irritating each other they will not achieve anything, as only tenderness, friendship, love, or music can create miracles. The play is created in collaboration with a well-known puppeteer and director Karel Van Ransbeeck, who has great experience in developing plays for the little ones (children up to 3 years old) in Hungary, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Theatre – Kabóca Puppet Theatre (Hungary)

Recommended age: 1–3 years old

Duration – 25 min.

The Main Stage

Price: 6 Eur; The cost of the performance with a workshop ticket 4 Eur (Only in a theatre box office)

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