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Two masters of comedy: the illustrious comedian and actor Jean Dell, along with the writer and playwright Gerald Sibleyras composed a play filled with witticisms and psychedelic situations. In 2003, the authors of the play won the Molière Award for The Best Comedy of the Year (a French equivalent to the British Laurence Olivier Award). The famous French comedy ludicrously displays trickery of the absorption of the European Union funds. The play is set in Bouchon: a small, quiet, traditional French village in the Picardy region. The population of Bouchon was 150 per 2006 census. However, the attention does not focus on that. Jeanne, the Mayor of Bouchon, does his best to keep the village afloat with the bootleg subsidies from the European Union. He, along with his loyal secretary Odette and brother Nicolas, does everything to save the village from increasing debts. Everything seems to be fine in their quiet, undisturbed little world until Robert Flapi, an inspector from the European Union, arrives in Bouchon. The European Union support, declaration of independence, war, cease-fire: a vast array of political changes, and diplomatic games occur in this play for the sake of saving Bouchon.

Opening – December 28,30, and 31, 2010

Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes (without intermission)

Rūta’s Hall

Photographer Donatas Stankevičius


2011 Fortune Award

2011 Fortune Diplome

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