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A philosophical show

Shaped in sequences, which intertwines disciplines, under the voices of four actors, all this as a tribute to the Franco-Lithuanian philosopher Emmanuel Levinas born in Kaunas

Vincent Adelus, Isabelle Adelus & Suran
Set and costume designer
Isabelle Adelus & Suran
Video installation & light
Milosh Luczynski
Rafal Mazur
Marius Karolis Gotbergas
Motiejus Ivanauskas
Povilas Jatkevičius
Artūras Sužiedėlis

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Philosophical advice – Viktoras Bachmetjevas, Bernard Fischer, Robert Scholtus

Translated from French by Viktoras Bachmetjevas

Performance “Visage” created in memory of philosopher Emmanuel Levinas  (1906-1995) as the theatrical actualisation of his ideas is a joint project with Escher Theater in Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. The project came to life as a bridge between the two European Capitals of Culture 2022: Esch-Sur-Alzette and Kaunas. Thus, born in Kaunas, Emmanuel Levinas became the connecting link between these two cities.

Authors of the performance, Vincent Adelus and Isabelle Adelus & Suran, seek to develop ideas of Levinas’ philosophy on the Other, Face, and Responsibility in the performance. The Other pushes our limits to new horizons. The Other helps us to be ourselves. The face of the Other is a window to infinity that we can experience only due to the Other. The Other gives meaning to our lives and walks us out of the solitude of being.

Starting with fragments of texts, interviews, images, and sounds, actors transfer the words of Levinas into our daily lives. It becomes a valuable philosophy in the contemporary world.

Performance is part of the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 programme.

Duration 1:30. On the Big Stage

Opening performances: 11, 12 and 13 November 2022

Interview with Vincent Adelus

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Dorian | The part of Kaunas 2022 programme

The one and only Emil


Dorian | The part of Kaunas 2022 programme

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