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Director Gytis Padegimas comes back to the Kaunas National Drama Theatre after a few years break with an emigrant writer Algirdas Landsbergis’s play The Wind in the Willows. [A.] The writer discusses the inward conflict – how one is to live facing historical tragedies. Clear poetical intonation which is characteristic of Lithuanian historical dramas is apparent in the dialogues of the play, and the plot takes back to the 16th century, the moment when Lithuanian-Polish forces wait to battle the Russian army for Livonia. Saint Casimir together with an angel comes down to the earth for a brief moment to see people and their earthly lives, however, the visit takes longer than expected…

“Similar to other plays as Our Town and During the Long Christmas Eve, this play is strongly wilderesque as its theme revolves around ordinary people, their strangely connected fates in the face of war. Since nowadays we feel strong geopolitical tension, I believe this play is very important. Also, Algirdas Landsbergis’ texts are like remedy for strengthening the Lithuanian consciousness” says the director of the play with confidence.

Opening – December 7, 9, and 23, 2018

Duration – 1 hour 50 minutes (without intermission)

Two-act play

The Long Hall

Attention! During the performance, peat and hay are used. 

The play is sponsored by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

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