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Antonio Vivaldi

The triumph of Judith

Two-part oratorio in Italian

Gintaras Varnas
Juozas Mantas Jauniškis
Set designer
Julija Skuratova
Soloists: Dalma Krajnyák (Hungary), Renata Dubinskaitė, Lina Dambrauskaitė, Jomantė Šležaitė, Indrė Anankaitė
Lithuanian National Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble "Musica humana", Quartet of Čiurlionis, Vilnius Choral Singing School Choir Liepaitės

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Antonio Vivaldi’s oratorio The Triumph of Judith – an allegorical tale of the Venetian victory over the Turks besieging the Corfu Island in 1716. It is a story about victory over the conquerors from the East, based on the Biblical story of the Jewish widow Judith, who saved the Jewish people from the invading Assyrian army. Young widow Judith along with her maid comes to the enemies’ camp to the Army Commander Holofern himself, pretending that she wants to seduce him. While Holoferno sleeps, Judith beheads him, puts the head in the bag and quietly leaves the camp with her maid. The Army Commander is dead, so the army withdraws. The Jewish people are saved.
The creators of the play believe, that in today’s brutal war, Judith must triumph, and with her, Ukraine. Today, the brutal war continues. The creators of the play believe that Judith must triumph, and with her, those who fight against insidious invaders, brutal regimes and ruthless dictators. Theater Utopia, together with National Kaunas Drama Theater, with the help of impressive creative forces Lithuanian National Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble “Musica humana”, Quartet of Čiurlionis, opera soloists, the choir Liepaitės, flat puppets by Julija Skuratova, and the extraordinary Baroque work of Antonio Vivaldi is presenting The Triumph of Judith as an artistic act of resistance, and they are hopeful that the magic of the action on the stage will help in this war too. The opera is characterized by its unusual cast of performers including five soloists and a chorus of girls, which provides the musical part with special power and vital energy. The main role of Judith will be performed by Hungarian soloist Dalma Krajnyák (Hungary) and Lithuanian soloists Renata Dubinskaitė, Lina Dambrauskaitė, Jomantė Paukštė, Indrė Anankaitė.

Two-part oratorio in Latin with Lithuanian surtitles

Duration – 2:30 (with intermission)

The project is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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