Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

Ingrid Lausund

The Slipped Disc

One-act play (Age limit: 14+)

Aldona Vilutytė
Costume designer
Rūta Lečaitė
Lighting artist
Darius Malinauskas
Aistė Zabotkaitė
Andrius Alešiūnas
Ieva Stašelytė
, Kamilė Lebedytė
Marius Karolis Gotbergas
Saulė Sakalauskaitė
Jurgita Maskoliūnaitė
Mantas Bendžius
Roberta Sirgedaitė
Deividas Breivė
Greta Šepliakovaitė
Motiejus Ivanauskas
Povilas Jatkevičius

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For the first time, a group of thirteen young actors, filling in the theatre troupe, are introducing themselves on the stage of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre this season. The graduate students: Algirdas Latėnas and Vidas Bareikis, who graduated from LMTA (the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre) this year, take part in the play The Slipped Disc (directed by Aldona Vilutytė) by a popular contemporary German playwright Ingrida Lausund.

This performance was born in the third year of studies, grew together with its young creators, and will continue to mature in the theatre repertoire. This is a modern story about a tragicomic effort to adapt and succeed. The characters of the performance are the office workers of the modern institution, the screws of the bureaucratic system, rotating in the mechanism of the labor market. They are all seeking to gain recognition, outperform their rival, and climb up the career ladder at all costs. They are ready to do whatever it takes: humiliate, mock, lie, and do the best they can to the role that is imposed on them by their boss, public opinion, teachers, parents, etc. They seek to prove their value, measured by promotions, awards, and the number of followers. They have forgotten that human beings are valuable in themselves; they no longer know what is the spine of their personality, and it is best not to have one at all because it is easier for spineless people to fit in, adapt, and survive. The Slipped Disc is a story about people who are no longer asking who am I? but are considering what we should be to succeed. The young creative team of the play asks a question: what part of your soul would you sacrifice for a career?

The performance was created with LMTA (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)

Duration – 1 hour 20 minutes

The Small Stage. Age limit: 14+

The play is licensed to Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin

Attention! During the performance, uncensored speech is used. Smoking onstage.

©Donatas Stankevičius

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