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Sofi Oksanen is a writer with dual nationality, Estonian and Finnish. Her story The premiere and the play are presents to the anniversary of the professional Lithuanian theatre: 19 December 2020, it will celebrate 100 years “The Purge” becomes a new phenomenon of literature. This novel was translated into 38 languages, and it tells about the painful Soviet and post-Soviet experience of Estonia. Similar experiences are typical for many Eastern European countries, especially for Lithuania and Latvia. In both, novel and play, two different historical periods (the beginning of independence and post-war period) of Estonia and experiences of two Estonian women in different ages are compared. The occupation of the country is metaphorically transferred to the rape of a woman’s body. The traumatic experience of the nation is shown through the personal dramas of two women.

“This antiheroic material might seem as not typical into my artistic biography. However, it extends my intention to talk about wounds of society, and this time I tried to look at it through the historic prism of our neighbor Estonia – the director J. Jurašas explained his choice. “Violence, helplessness, betrayal, passionate love, and excruciating envy are especially these subjects I want to talk about in this play” – says the director.

Opening – October 13, 14, and 25, 2011

Duration – 1 hour 50 minutes (without intermission)

Ruta’s Hall. (Age limit: 16+)

Photographer Donatas Stankevičius


2012 The Golden Cross of the Stage (lith. Auksinis scenos kryžius)

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