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Six characters are gathered for interrogation about the recent events that have shaken the locals. Everyone is confused – deep inside each character feels as if, one way or another, they have individually contributed to the events. None of them, though, would like to confess it out loud.

The play directed by Paul Markevičius carries out the ideas from Kahlilo Gibrano’s trilogy consisting of the world-renowned texts The Prophet’s Garden, The Prophet, and The Death of the Prophet, which was unfinished after the author’s death. The third book The Locals, created for the performance, tells the story of a community that has blind faith in their leader. They are waiting for the Prophet’s appearance; however, when faced with unexpected events, they lose their bearings and are not able to communicate among themselves anymore.

Opening – June 1, 2, and 7, 2018 

Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes (without intermission)

The Small Stage

The play is sponsored by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania


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The wind ir the willows




In a rush

In a rush

Sad God

Nathan the Wise

Dangerous Liaisons

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