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The premiere of the young generation director Agnija Leonova’s Spaced Away takes us to the open space together with five other astronauts, who move away from each other at a speed of 16000 km/h after the ship exploded. The only things left for them – radio communication, limited oxygen, and the knowledge that no one will be able to save them. The performance Spaced Away is a testimony of life and hope in the face of death, when a connection becomes the only means of sustaining hope.

This is a unique event in Lithuania – the premiere will introduce the genre of science fiction to the theater stage for the first time. The accent of the performance is a visually expressive installation of video and scenography, which can be easily adapted both for webcasting and for a real meeting with the audience. Taking advantage of the technical possibilities provided by the performance, the premiere, which had to take place on 26 January, 2021, will be seen by the audience both on stage and virtually.

Premiere Online: 19, 23, 27  March 2021

Duration: 1.10 hrs.

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