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Noah (Poland)

One-act play. DIVE INTO THE THETRE 2020

Adam Walny
Set designer
Adam Walny
Adam Walny

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This is an original story about a music composer filled with imagination. In the play, conductor named Noah has to perform the composition Flood. Sadly, scared by the title of this concert, musicians run away from the orchestra. The conductor, trying to satisfy the expectations of the audience and to save the concert, starts playing by himself. Slowly music fills the stage like water; due to the maestro’s imagination, the sounds turn into a flood that can be stopped only with the help of the audience.  The piano turns into a giraffe, while the trumpet becomes an elephant. Maestro Noah invites all animals and audience to his boat by turning the audience into a joint orchestra as only the mutual creation can save them all from doom. The music is created here and now – in front of the audience and with their help. When the concert is over, Noah keeps on conducting thinking what to do next: turn to the shore or remain in music? The flood continues…

Theatre – Walny Theatre (Poland)

Recommended age: from 7 years old

Dration – 45 minutes

Ruta’s Hall

Price: 6 Eur; The cost of the performance with a workshop ticket 4 Eur (Only in a theatre box office)

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