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The Estonians once created the app Skype, and now, using the latest bio-technologies, they invite you to immerse yourself in a virtual reality platform where you can become whatever you want – not just “put on” any image – a baroque opera soloist’s suit, peach skin, pretend to be another person – but and to create new life forms, which are capable of thinking and loving. the chief scientist at JAIK, biologist Mati, is exploring the biological internet – the ways in which trees, mosses and fungi communicate – and the possibility of connecting to it.
JAIK will open up a whole new world with many opportunities to be alive. Provide access to personal digitized character, give the opportunity to live a life that has so far seemed impossible…

…we would love it all to be real, but for now, we’ll invite you to experience these smart technologies by watching a 4-part theatrical series created by director Peeter Jalak at the Von Krahl Theater. The series combines the art of theater, cinema, installation, and engaging experience that will not leave indifferent those who love the dystopian genre, sci-fi scenarios, and spend their evenings binge-watching Netflix.

JAIK develops the theme of the relationship between different life forms, the relationship between man and nature, the creator and creation, reality and fiction. Some of the ideas in this series can be found in Peter Wohlleben’s book “The Mysterious Life of Trees”. The relationship between living and artificial, real and fiction is also highlighted by the impressive visual solutions of JAIK. Viewers will see nature, the city, cozy interiors and absolutely fantastic images. In this show of absurd images and characters, full of current country realities and classical Estonian literature, the inspector and founder of JAIK, Sigismund von Krahl (a kind of messiah of the virtual world), disappears. In an attempt to unravel the mystery of its disappearance, the audience descends into an impressive world of imagination, rich in references to Estonian everyday life and culture, the politics of ironic and sensitive thinking about their country and its art, culture.

Author and director of the performance idea Peeter Jalakas (Estonia), cameraman Erik Põllumaa, set designer Kristel Saan, playwrights Peeter Jalakas, Tarmo Jüristo, Eero Epner, Peeter Laurits, Juhan Raud, Laura Raud Ja Taavi.

The premiere at the Von Krahl Theater took place in September 5th 2019.

The main roles are played by: Mari Abel, Jim Ashilevi, Taavi Eelmaa, Peeter Jalakas, Ingmar Jõela, Kait Kall, Ott Kartau, Mart Koldits, Erki Laur, Liis Lindmaa, Riina Maidre, Tõnis Niinemets, Steffi Pähn, Ivo Reinok, Raivo E. Tamm, Tiina Tauraite, Liina Vahtrik, Juhan Ulfsak.

Other roles: Jüri Muttika, Loore Martma, Rein Pakk, Tõnu Oja, Jaanika Arum, Tõnu Trubetsky, Tõnis Mägi, Priit Parro, Marko Mardim, Sulev Süld, Mati Turi, Valter Eplik, Toomas Hussar, Aleksander Eelmaa, Nils Mattias Steinberg, Jelena Skulskaja, Sander Põldsaar, Alo Puustak, Priit Raud, Madis Mäeorg, Peeter Laurits, Henri Laupmaa, Juhan Raud, Aleksander Sproghis, Jan Kaus, Herkko Labi, Markus Luik and others.

Duration 5 hours. with snack breaks.
The Big Stage.
With subtitles in Lithuanian.

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