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Based on Moliére’s comedy The Imaginary Invalid and his biography

I – Moliére

Two-act comedy with backstage elements

Inesa Paliulytė
Set and costume designer
Kotryna Daujotaitė
Raigardas Tautkus
Marija Baranauskaite
Kęstutis Povilaitis
Martyna Gedvilaitė
Austėja Vikonytė
Karolina Elžbieta Mikolajūnaitė
Arnas Ašmonas
Andrius Gaučas
Nijolė Ona Lepeškaitė
Egidijus Stancikas
Gintautas Bejeris
Henrikas Savickis
Gytis Laskovas
Arūnas Stanionis
Greta Dobožinskaitė

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The Imaginary Invalid is the last play of the great French comediographer, which he wrote already being severely ill. Moliére claimed that this play was meant for people to rest after a hard day’s work, as he considered laughter to be the best doctor. For more than 300 years, The Imaginary Invalid has been reigning in theatres across the world (it has been staged 2,300 times in Comédie-Française alone). It is a funny story about an old rich man every month paying good money to doctors and pharmacists. He thinks that giving his daughter as a wife to a doctor and getting free service from his son-in-law is a good idea. The director, playwright, and actress Inesa Paliulytė has rewritten The Imaginary Invalid in a witty way and has relied on Moliére himself to be the main figure in the play. I – Moliére is a play that is full of captivating clownish elements since three genres such as French farce, pastoral, and even operetta are included in the play. Enchanting music, theatrical impromptu, witty situations, and intrigue will not allow the audience to relax even for a second. Mysterious and fragile nature of an actor is revealed here to take an unexpected turning point as a promise to a triumph of creativity and art. It is a lively, energetic story about stupidity and hypocrisy, love and courage. The great theatre invalid dies on the stage acting in his own play. Moliére is dead. Long live Moliére!

Opening – February 3, 4, and 13, 2018

Duration –2 hours 10 minutes (with intermission)

Two-act comedy with backstage elements

The Main Stage

The play is sponsored by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania


©Donatas Stankevičius


2018 COM.MEDIA Festival (Alytus City Theatre) Audience Sympathy Award 

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