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Hamlet (Poland)

One-act play. DIVE INTO THE THETRE 2020

Adam Walny
Set designer
Adam Walny
Adam Walny

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Inspired by a well-known work of William Shakespeare, the actor creates a non-traditional story of Danish prince Hamlet and his relationship with his father. In the play, the original technique of underwater marionettes is used as well as various puppets among which you will see even a traditional Japanese theatre puppet bunraku. The only character that is portrayed not by a puppet but by a live actor is the Ghost of the Hamlet’s murdered father. It is designing a revenge plan and wants to implement it through the hands of its son. However, Hamlet is indecisive, hesitant, lonely, separated from other members of the palace, and closed in an aquarium filled with water.  Polonius, the Queen, Laertes, and Rosencrantz represent the material (underwater) world, while Hamlet releases their desires and fears.  Hamlet is powerless against his own imperfections but only he has a connection with his Father’s Ghost and can breathe. He is trying to change the tragical plan of his Father’s Ghost; however, his attempts are unsuccessful. The almighty Ghost assembles the life situations in a way that Hamlet revenges his Father’s death by feeling disappointed with all people around him as well as accusing and punishing them for his Father’s death. The tragedy of Hamlet also becomes their tragedy. Walny Theatre was established in 1999 by Adam Walny, who is one of the most established puppet theatre creators in Poland. He is a solo puppeteer and playwright as well as puppet designer, director, and performer. With his works, he is threading into various theatrical traditions of puppets, masks, and other things in the circumstances of the stage and street. He also uses puppets off the stage: for education and art therapy purposes.

Theatre – Walny Theatre (Poland)

Recommended age: from 12 years old

Dration – 50 minutes

The Small Hall

Price: 6 Eur; The cost of the performance with a workshop ticket 4 Eur (Only in a theatre box office)

Attention! During the performance, theatrical smoke is used. Some seats have limited visibility.

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