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Kārlis Krūmiņš and AI

Frankenstein complex

One act play (Age limit:14+)

Valters Sīlis
Set and costume designer
Uģis Bērziņš
Arvīds Saulītis
Lighting artist
Lauris Johansons
Inga Tropa
Kārlis Reijers
Vaidas Maršalka
Deividas Breivė

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Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions have already become a significant part of our lives. No matter if we want it or not, we still use it even when unlocking our smartphones: what recognises our fingerprints?

We also hear that AI assists in diagnosing various diseases. This smart AI is also a threat to our workplaces – packagers and operators are successfully replaced by robots. We are living in the dawn of self-driving cars. What will come next? Maybe AI will take exams for us or write a screenplay? Maybe it is not yet in your library but online you can find examples of books or music, painted pictures, and advertisement screenplays developed by AI. What will come next? Maybe poets and playwrights will no longer have to use their grey cells and only sign new works of art after simply entering some keywords? Maybe there will be no need for theatre playwrights either? Maybe AI will be able to recreate William Shakespeare’s poetry or the dramas of ancient authors? Perhaps this question inspired the Latvian actor and playwright Kārlis Krūmiņš to experiment with artificial language module GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer), developed by the company OpenAI (it should be noted that it is the product of Elon Musk), capable of generating text indistinguishable from a man-made text. After several months of efforts to talk to the machine, the artist was holding a play in his hands. Well, knowing the fact that the machine can read 4 thousand pages per minute, the process was delayed only due to the fault of the human being! The collaboration between the human creator and AI materialised – it became a play based on which the performance Frankenstein Complex was created. If you are wondering what this performance is about, we will answer: it is about the way AI sees us. It is like participating in a study where you have to distinguish between the creative work of a human being and AI. In any case, the performance is not an innocent technological toy and, at the end of it, you will wish to be left alone for a second just blankly staring at one point or the night sky.

Opening – 2022 January 9 at the Small Stage

In English with Lithuanian surtitles

The discussion with dramaturg K. Kruminš in English


Photo Donatas Stankevičius

Together with Dirty Deal Teatro (Latvia)

The play is sponsored by:


2022 Spelmanu nakts (Latvia)  award for the best play of the year

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