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The creation of the performance was inspired by the famous Emil from Astrid Lindgren’s book Emil of Lönneberga. He’s constantly playing pranks and carving funny wooden people while sitting in a woodshed as a punishment. However, all of us have played pranks and made mistakes in our childhood, right? Troublemakers and adventure seekers can be found in each yard, street or classroom. Sometimes they grow to become city mayors or even presidents. Director Augustas Gornatkevičius and the actors of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre have created a performance based on their childhood adventures and their mistakes that teach us how to live and evoke our creativity. “The one and only Emilis” speeding on roller-skates and inviting to adventures as well as to rejoice, to try and discover new things, and to do parkour.

Opening performances: 18, 19, and 21 of December, at the Long Hall

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The Self Forgotten


The Visit

The Slipped Disc

Dangerous Liaisons | Moved from 2021 11 03

The Ward

The Tribe | Moved from 2021 11 04

Dangerous Liaisons

The Ward

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