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Translation from German by Adomas Druktenis and Kristina Sprindžiūnaitė

Biography: A Play Acting is a play in which the inevitability of destiny, variations of personal choices and a utopic desire to change a biography of personal life are analysed. The surrealistic opportunity to realize life as a play on the stage and to change unpleasant or failed situations – what would happen if the Butterfly effect was real? This play features absurd elements that exist in plays of F. Kafka’s The Trial where personal choices become an illusion because Destiny, God, Recorder always stands behind your back and cynically evaluates the life of a person as one more case in the Universe. A person who knows his destiny for 7 years ahead still makes particular mistakes, so the critical Human error is inevitable.

Opening –  December 19, 21 and 31, 2014

Duration –  2 hours 50 minutes (with intermission)

The Main Stage

Attention! Smoking onstage.


Photographer  Donatas Stankevičius


2015 Fortune Award (Lith. Fortūnos prizas)

2015 Golden Stage Cross Award (Lith. Auksinis scenos kryžius)

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