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Juozas Grušas, Aušra Marija Sluckaitė


A two-act play based on the play Barbara Radziwill by Juozas Grušas

The famous legend of Barbara Radziwiłł has been brought back on stage after 40 years break!

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The prominent director Jonas Jurašas presents a play about a legendary Lithuanian couple – the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund II Augustus and his beloved wife Barbara Radziwill. The story of Barbara Radziwill (from 1520 to 1551), the Grand Duchess of Lithuania and the Queen of Poland is reborn on the stage at National Kaunas Drama Theatre for the second time (1972, 2014). It is symbolic that after more than 40 years Jonas Jurašas is directing a drama play, which had the biggest impact on his biography because this play is related to him leaving National Kaunas Drama Theatre and Lithuania. The director returns with a new vision of the play that is not about the recreation of Barbara Radziwill’s story. It concentrates on the game of life and death. This play presents an actress, who despite all odds, is yearning to play as Barbara and understand her as a woman who is trapped in the game of love, illness, and politics. Like Barbara, the actress is ill and stays in agony, overcomes her disability and creates her vision of Barbara right there on the stage.

The performance is showed with ENGLISH SURTITLES.

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Opening – September 25, 27 and 28, 2014

Duration –  2 hours 30 minutes (with intermission).

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Photographer Donatas Stankevičius



2015 Fortune Award (Lith. Fortūnos prizas)

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