During the project implementation, the main objectives are Four micro-conferences, Four forums, One mobility platform, One interactive policy toolkit, One e-book of the DECONFINING anthology, 20 podcast episodes, and 12 art tours.

“eCulture” platform (a unified portal for digitised and digital cultural and audio-visual content, e-services, and dissemination)

Four European theatre companies have established the collaboration “Participate in your life,” exploring interactivity in children’s theatre through discussions and workshops. The main aim of this collaboration is to exchange artistic methods and approaches, to get to know each other’s cultural backgrounds, and to ensure know-how transfer. In the future, partners aim to create international projects in different areas of performativity. The long-term goal is to develop a knowledge platform where European artists can connect performative tools and participation, concentrating on children and youngsters.

“Tower of Babel” is a solid international project developed with artists from Norway, Hungary, Iceland, and Lithuania, united by the international network of interactive, immersive theatre for children and young people PIYL (Participate in Your Life). “Tower of Babel” aims to draw attention to global issues, bring them to life in the language of interactive theatre, and stimulate critical thinking in young people.

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