Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

Preparations are underway for an international premiere based on the philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas

During the European Capital of Culture year, the theatre will present a number of exceptional projects to the public. One of them was born finding possible links between the European Capitals of Culture in 2022 – Kaunas and Esch-Sur-Alzette. One of the aims of the European Capitals of Culture is to create joint activities, share their creations, values and history with audiences from different parts of the world. Emmanuel Lévinas (1906-1995), one of the most important contemporary philosopher, was born in Kaunas and lived and worked in France. He is then dedicated to be the connecting link between the two cities.

The authors of the performance’s idea are a couple of french artists, Vincent Adelus and Isabelle Adelus & Suran. The performance entitled “Face” will be presented in 2022 in April at the Théâtre d’Esch, and in autumn, in November, on the main stage of the Kaunas National Drama Theater. Vincent Adelus, the artistic advisor of Esh-sur -Alzette, seeks to develop Levinas’s philosophical concepts about the Other (“the other helps us to be ourselves”), the Face, the Responsibility, and to convey them into a theatrical language. Lithuanian philosopher Viktoras Bachmetyevas, video artist Milosh Ludzinski and actors of the National Kaunas Drama Theater will participate in the creative process of the performance. V. Bachmetyevas introduced the actors with the personality and the work of Emmanuel Levinas, who is still to be known in Lithuania, and his ethical philosophy. The work with the actors, which began in the first week of August, begins an interesting and very meaningful creative journey towards a better comprehension of a mystery: the Other Man.

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