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2018 September 20

GHETTO by Josua Sobol. The premier is dedicated to 75th anniversary of the abolishment of the Vilna Ghetto

2018 September 19

Guide for the 99th season of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre

2018 May 4

THE LOCALS by Kahlilo Gibran’o trilogy

2018 April 4

The play In a rush portrays teenagers’ world

2018 February 14

Upcoming premier MIDSUMMER. February 14,18, 25

2018 February 5

The latest premier is based on Moliére’s comedy “Le Malade imaginaire” and his biography

2017 December 29

The play Four is based on the excerpts from Chapayev and Pustota, a novel written by Victor Pelevin

2017 November 10

Nathan the Wise. Premier December 8, 9, 29

2017 May 23

Hello, Fox! Based on the fairy tale Happiness is a Fox by Evelina Daciūtė



Piano Dramas: An Evening with Chopin’s Music [Concert]



The Ward

Dangerous Liaisons

The Ward


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