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Egidijus Stancikas


E. Stancikas was born in 1966. He studied acting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and acquired drama actor Bachelor’s degree, Theatre Art. Later on, he graduated from Master’s studies at Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Economics and Management. Since 1990 he has been working as an actor at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. Moreover, from 2008 the actor has been a director at National Kaunas Drama Theatre and in 2012 he became the general director of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Photographer Dainius Ščiuka

The Most Important Works in Theatre

Mayor in The Visit (Lith. Senos damos vizitas) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director A. Giniotis
Béralde in I – Moliére (Lith. Aš – Moljeras) based on Moliére’s comedy The Imaginary Invalid and his biography
Director I. Paliulytė
Minister of Sports in Žalgirės by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė
Director V.  Bareikis
Girolamo Savonarola in Fiorenza by Thomas Mann
Director J. Vaitkus
Archbishop Dzierzkovski in Barbara based on Barbara Radziwiłł by J. Grušas
Director J. Jurašas
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Rakitin in A Month in the Country by Ivan Turgenev
Director V. Tertelis
Martin True in Purge by Sofi Oksanen
Director J. Jurašas
Balys Sruoga in JAH by Gytis Padegimas
Director G. Padegimas
Prezident in Happy by Friedrich von Schiller based on Love and Intrigue
Director A. Areima
Mr. Janušas Korčakas in Sad God (Lith. Liūdnas Dievas) by Inesa Paliulytė
Director I. Paliulytė
Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare
Director J. Vaitkus
Black Isckariot in Need to go… by Dazai Osamu
Director V. Tertelis
Doctor Dorn in The Seagull by Anton Chechov
Director J. Vaitkus
Meza in Afternoon share by Paul Claudel
Director V. Balsys
Mr. Antanas Baranauskas in Vainutas Clerk (Lith. Vainuto raštininkas) by Vanda Juknaitė
Director G. Padegimas
Ferdinando in Love and Intrigue by Friedrich Schiller
Director U. Brikmanis
Chuan in Jerma by Federico Garcia Lorca
Director G. Padegimas
Charlie in The Long Christmas Dinner by Thorton Wilder
Director G. Padegimas


The  badge  of  honor  from  the  Ministry of Culture Carry your Light and Believe (Lith. Nešk savo šviesą ir tikėk)
Fortune Diploma (Lith. Fortūnos diplomas) for the role as doctor Janusz Korczak in the play Sad God, directed by Inesa Paliulytė
Audience Sympathy Diploma for the role as the Crow in The Swineherd in Hans Christian Andersen's Year at the Theatre Festival
At the Latvian Valka Town Theatre Festival awarded for the Best Role in the play Need to go…

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