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Inesa Paliulytė


Inesa Paliulytė was born in 1957. She is a graduate of Juozas Miltinis Theatre Studio, located in Panevėžys. The actress also graduated from the Lunacharsky State Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS, currently the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts) in Moscow. Since 1979 Paliulytė has been an actress at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre (NKDT). She is one of the founders and teachers of a theatre school under NKDT called My Theatre (Lith. Mano teatras).

Photographer Dainius Ščiuka

The Most Important Works in Theatre

Toinette in I – Moliére (Lith. Aš – Moljeras) based on Moliére’s comedy The Imaginary Invalid and his biography
Director I. Paliulytė
Elizabeth in Clara’s Relationships (Lith. Klaros santykiai) by Dea Loher
Director R. Atkočiūnas
Natalia Petrovna in A Month in the Country (Lith. Mėnuo kaime) by Ivan Turgenev
Director V. Tertelis
Carlson in Astrid (Lith. Astrida) by Inesa Paliulytė
Director I. Paliulytė
Nadezda in Locusts (Lith. Skėriai) by Biljana Srbljanovic
Director R. Atkočiūnas
The Main Character in 4.48 Psychosis (Lith. 4.48 Psichozė) by Sarah Kane
Director V. Tertelis
Agafya Tikhonova in Marriage (Lith. Vedybos) by Nikolai Gogol
Director V. Tertelis
Leonora in The Long Christmas Dinner (Lith. Ilga Kalėdų vakarienė) by Thorton Wilder
Director G. Padegimas
Giedrė in The Great Desire (Lith. Didysis geismas) by Juozas Montvila
Director N. Karpuškaitė
Emily in Our Town (Lith. Mūsų miestelis) by Thornton Wilder
Director G. Padegimas
Jane in Mary Poppins (Lith. Merė Popins) by Pamela Travers
Director G. Žilys


Dalia Tamulevičiūtė Prize (Lith. Dalios Tamulevičiūtės vardo premija) for Sad God (Lith. Liūdnas Dievas)
The nomination of the Golden Cross of the Stage Award (Lith. Auksinis Scenos Kryžius) for the Best Female Actress for the roles of Hanana in Rise, Hanana, and Go (Lith. Hanana, kelkis ir eik) by G. Grekov, and Agafya Tikhonova in Marriage by N. Gogol 
Dalia Tamulevičiūtė Prize for the Best Female Actress in Rise, Hanana, and Go 
Rokiškis Theatre Festival Award (Lith. Rokiškio teatro festivalio apdovanojimas) for the Best Female Actress in Rise, Hanana, and Go 
Fortune Prize (Lith. Fortūnos prizas) for the role of Nadezhda in Locusts
Fortune Award (Lith. Fortūnos prizas) for significant contribution to the theatre pedagogics and creative process of the play Sad God (Lith. Liūdnas dievas) at Kaunas Drama Theatre
3rd class Award of Honour of Santaka (Lith. III laipsnio Santakos garbės ženklas)
The Golden Cross of the Stage Award (Lith. Auksinis scenos kryžius) for Andersen Street (Lith. Anderseno gatvė)
Fortune Diploma (Lith. Fortūnos diplomas) for revealing and encouraging children’s creativity in Andersen Street
Fortune Diploma (Lith. Fortūnos diplomas) for the role in 4.48 Psychosis
Lithuanian Ministry of Culture Prize (Lith. Lietuvos kultūros ministerijos premija) for the role of Sveta Zaichik in Around the Fountain, or the Little Paris (Lith. Aplink fontaną, arba Mažasis Paryžius)

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