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Martyna Gedvilaitė


Martyna Gedvilaitė was born on 14 July 1986. She studied History of Science at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. Later, she studied Theatre Management at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since 2014, she has been performing at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Photographer Dainius Ščiuka

The Most Important Works in Theatre

Wiliam Shakespeare The Tempest
Director P. Jalakas (Estonia)
The Earth by Olha Kobylianska
Director Ivan Uryvskyi  (Ukraine)
Kaunas Spring 72 by Andrius Jevsejevas and Jonas Tertelis
Director Jonas Tertelis
Ivan Vyrypaev Disquet
Director Aleksandr Špilevoj
The Assembly by Brett Watson and Alex Ivanovici
Director Chris Abraham (Canada)
Henrik Ibsen Peer Gynt
Director C. Polgar (Hungary)
Kirill Fokin Spaced Away
Director Agnija Leonova
Madam Lepotnek, Eriophoria in My Fairy Herbarium (Lith. Mano fėjų herbariumas) based on B. Lacombe and S. Perez
Director P. Makauskas
Fairy, Silfa, Doll, Other actress, Death, Angelaitė in Sombras based on works by Federico García Lorca and Luigi Pirandello
Director G. Varnas
Third town dweller, Ilio’s daughter in The Visit (Lith. Senos damos vizitas) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director A. Giniotis
Andromache, Clytemnestra in The Trojan women (Lith. Trojietės) based on tragedies by Euripides
Director P. Makauskas
Ghetto prisoner in Ghetto (Lith. Getas) by Joshua Sobol
Director G. Varnas
Gabija in In a Rush (Lith. Lė-kiau-lė-kiau) by Daiva Čepauskaitė
Director E. Kižaitė
Hippolyta, Titania in Midsummer (Lith. Vasarvidis) based on William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Director E. Kižaitė
Tuanette in I – Moliére (Lith. Aš – Moljeras) based on Moliére’s comedy The Imaginary Invalid and his biography
Director I. Paliulytė
Cat Tylette, Blue child or one Blue child in The Blue Bird (Lith. Žydroji paukštė) by Maurice Maeterlinck
Director V. Martinaitis
Fox in Hello, Fox! (Lith. Labas, Lape!) based on the fairy tale Happiness is a Fox by Evelina Daciūtė
Director E. Kižaitė
Goda Meilutė in Žalgirės by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena
Director V. Bareikis
Fiore in Fiorenza by Thomas Mann
Director  J.  Vaitkus
OTPOR actyvist in Rebellion
Director  A. Jankevičius
Jenny, Molly Brazen in The Beggar's Opera (Lith. Vargšų opera) by John Gay
Director A. Kurienius
Mis Akasija, Ana in The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu,
Director A. Areima
A niece, communist, Ugnė, hepatica, mime, Belka, Katrė, Irma, Speaker, Ausma, Dantist, Aiva, Bernadeta, Olesia, Jovita, Brigita in Forest Brother (lith. Miškinis) by Janis Balodis
Director V. Silis.
Guest in Barbara (Lith. Barbora) based on the play Barbara Radziwill by Juozas Grušas
Director J. Jurašas


Educational festival “Nerk į teatrą” (NKDT) / Host of Acting Mastery Workshop


Fortune Diploma for the role as Cat Tylette in the performance The Blue Bird (Director V. Martinaitis) and as Fox in the performance Hello, Fox! (Director K. Kižaitė)
Fortune Diploma for the role as Fiore in the performance Fiorenza (Director J. Vaitkus)

Other projects

Concert “Ain't no easy way out” in National Kaunas Drama Theatre / vocalist

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