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Tomas Erbrėderis


Tomas Erbrėderis studied at the higher theatre school of Kaunas State Academic Drama Theatre (now National Kaunas Drama Theatre). He graduated from a study programme of Theory and History of Arts at Vytautas Magnus University. Since 1998, he has been acting at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Photographer Dainius Ščiuka

The Most Important Works in Theatre

The Assembly by Brett Watson and Alex Ivanovici
Director Chris Abraham (Canada)
Aegisthus in Electra (Lith. Elektra) based on the works of Sophocles, Euripides, Eschilo
Director J. Koceli (Slovenia)
Policeman in The Visit (Lith. Senos damos vizitas) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director A. Giniotis
Rytys, Rūgutis, Reaper in Creatures (Lith. Būtybės) by Monika Baranauskaitė, based on The Big Book of Creatures by Kotryna Zylė
Director E. Kižaitė
Dr. Gottlieb, captain Audronis, ghetto prisoner in Ghetto (Lith. Getas) by Joshua Sobol
Director G. Varnas
The Fattest Pleasure, Other child, Blue child in in The Blue Bird (Lith. Žydroji paukštė) by Maurice Maeterlinck
Director V. Martinaitis
Aldobrandinas in Fiorenza (Lith. Fjorenca) by Thomas Mann
Director J. Vaitkus
Actor 1, Bernardo, grave-digger in Hamlet (Lith. Hamletas) by William Shakespeare
Director V. Bareikis
Sukey Kichi, Macheath gang guy in The Beggar's Opera (Lith. Vargšų opera) by John Gay
Director A. Kurienius
Joe in The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu
Director A. Areima
Radvila Juodasis in Barbara (Lith. Barbora) based on the play Barbara Radziwill by Juozas Grušas
Director J. Jurašas
Johnson, Mykola Ivanovych in Together based on Depeche Mode by Serhiy Zhadan
Director A. Areima
Simeonov-Pishchik Borisov Borisovich in The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov
Director A. Areima
Elena’s husband, Ezra Pound in White Shroud (Lith. Balta drobulė) by Aušra Marija Sluckaitė
Director J. Jurašas
Petras Rimša, colonel Stencelis in J A H by Gytis Padegimas
Director G. Padegimas
Pavel in Purge by Sofi Oksanen
Director J. Jurašas
Haimon in Antigone in Siberia (Lith. Antigonė Sibire) by Aušra Marija Sluckaitė
Director J. Jurašas
Matje in Return to the Desert (Lith. Sugrįžimas į dykumą) by Bernard-Marie Koltès
Director A. Areima
Piotr in Sad God (Lith. Liūdnas Dievas) based on Janusz Korczak‘s biography
Director I. Paliulytė
Auksis in Journey to the Inside of the Room (Lith. Kelionė į kambario vidų) by Michał Walczak
Director A. Jankevičius
Andersen’s father, drake father in The Street of Andersen (Lith. Anderseno gatvė) by Inesa Paliulytė
Director I. Paliulytė
Author in Guest of the Colonel‘s Widow (Lith. Svečiuose pas pulkininko našlę) by Juhan Smuul
Director D. Juronytė
Rogers in Ten Little Indians (Lith. 10 indėniukų) by Agatha Christie
Director G. Varnas
Knight Kėjus in Destroyed Country (Lith. Nusiaubta šalis) by Tankred Dorst
Director G. Varnas
Ghost in Kas liepynėj išsipynė by Ramutė Skučaitė
Director T. Erbrėderis
Waiter, guard in Crime and Punishment (Lith. Nusikaltimas ir bausmė) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Director G. Varnas
Captain John in Blue Puppy (Lith. Mėlynasis šunytis) by Gyula Urban
Director A. Kurienius
Leonardo in The Merchant of Venice (Lith. Venecijos pirklys) by William Shakespeare
Director J. Vaitkus
Liauka, Bizmėnas in Palanga by Augustinas Gricius
Director V. Valašinas
Goatling Linksmutis in The Wolf and the Goatlings (Lith. Vilkas ir ožiukai) by Andrius Kurienius
Director A. Kurienius
The main hero in Sluts and Soldiers (Lith. Kekšės ir kareiviai) by Andrius Kurienius
Director A. Kurienius
Hooligan in Do You Remember that Melody? (Lith. Ar tu prisimeni tą melodiją?)  by Andrius Kurienius and Ridas Žirgulis
Director A. Kurienius, R. Žirgulis
Medvedenka in The Seagull (Lith. Žuvėdra) by Anton Chekhov
Director J. Vaitkus
Funeral parlor worker in Walking in Spaces (Lith. Vaikštantis erdvėmis) by Eugène Ionesco
Director A. Latėnas
Nanny, penguin, chimney sweep in Mary Poppins (Lith. Merė Popins) by Pamela Travers
Director R. Vaidotas
Kuzlė, legomotas, besmegenis in Tale about LEGO City (Lith. Pasaka apie LEGO miestą) by Neris Karpuškaitė
Director N. Karpuškaitė
Servant in The Marriage of Figaro (Lith. Figaro vedybos) by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
Director V. Balsys
Don Quixote, vagrant in Eviva or the Room and the Joker (Lith. Eviva arba Kambarys ir juokdarys)
Director V. Grabštaitė
Swift myth in Words Upon the Window Pane (Lith. Žodžiai lango stikle) by William Butler Yeats
Director G. Padegimas
First brother in Puss in Boots (Lith. Batuotas katinas) by Charles Perrault 
Director E. Stankevičiūtė
Hero Jonas in Rondor Kvitor Who Is Smarter (Lith. Randor kvit, arba kas gudresnis) by Danutė Juronytė
Director D. Juronytė
Beggar in The Ghost Sonata (Lith. Šmėklų sonata) by August Strindberg
Director G. Padegimas
Uncle Levas in Song of the Forest (Lith. Girių giesmė) by Lesya Ukrainka
Director G. Padegimas
Chorister in Leonce and Lena (Lith. Leonsas ir Lena) by Georg Büchner 
Director D. Duškinas
Uncle Titus in Air Pocket (Lith. Oro duobė) by Peter Hacks
Director G. Padegimas
Client in The Flood (Lith. Tvanas) by Juhan Henning Berger
Director Vladimir Baičer
Vargalis, King-guest in The Paths of Stars (Lith. Žvaigždžių takai) by Vydūnas 
Director R. Abukevičius


Fortune Diploma (lith. Fortūnos diplomas) for his role as Mr. Haimonas in Antigone in Siberia
Nominated for the Golden Stage Cross Award (lith. Auksinis scenos kryžius) for his role as Simeonov-Pishchikin in The Cherry Orchard

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