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  • One-part performance based on the motifs of the life and art of Oscar Wilde (Age14+)

Didžioji scena

Deividas Breivė


Deividas Breivė was born on 29 March 1996, in Panevėžys. He went to Mykolas Karka High School in Panevezys and later, to Vytautas Žemkalnis Gymnasium in Panevėžys. Breivė attended drama studio of the theatre “Menas”. He studied in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre where she received a bachelor’s degree. Currently, he works at National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Photographer Dainius Ščiuka

The Most Important Works in Theatre

Ivan Vyrypaev Disquet
Director Aleksandr Špilevoj, National Kaunas Drama Theatre
Kārlis Krūmiņš and AI Frankenstein complex
AI, Director V. Silis, National Kaunas Drama Theatre and Dirty Deal Teatro (Latvia)
Pylades in Electra (Lith. Elektra) based on the works of Sophocles, Euripides and Eschilo
Director J. Koceli, National Kaunas Drama Theatre
Juozas Vaičkus in The Originals (Lith. Pirmeiviai) by Gytis Padegimas
Director G. Padegimas, National Kaunas Drama Theatre
JB band member in An Empty Chair (Lith. Tuščia kėdė) by Agnius Jankevičius
Director A. Jankevičius, National Kaunas Drama Theatre
Lucifer in Flesh and Blood (Lith. Iš kūno ir kraujo) by Matas Vildžius
Director U. Bartoševičiūtė, National Kaunas Drama Theatre
Hufschmidt in The Slipped Disc (Lith. Bestuburiada) by Ingrid Lausund
Director A. Vilutytė, National Kaunas Drama Theatre
Committee member 2, Darelis, Trojus in (Lith. Sudie, Idiotai!) by Justas Tertelis
Director V. Bareikis
David in Choice (Lith. Pasirinkimas)
Director V. Bareikis, Lithuanian State Youth Theatre

The Most Important Works in Theatre and Television

Romualdas in TV series Mr. President (Lith. Pone Prezidente)
Director J. Krisiūnas
Margiris in the film Friends Forever (Lith. Draugai per amžinai)
Director A. Urbanavičiūtė
Tanimura in the film Erika Kuritani
Director P. Stankevičius
Son in the film Fortunately, I was asleep (Lith. Laimei einant, užmigęs buvau)
Director L. Tamošiūnaitė
Titus in the film Lithuanian Swingers (Lith. Lietuviški Svingeriai)
Director T. Vidmantas
Firefighter in TV miniseries Chernobyl (Lith. Černobylis)
Director J. Renck
Grigas in the film I Want to Live (Lith. Širdys)
Director J. Krisiūnas
Goalkeeper in the film Owl Mountain (Lith. Pelėdų kalnas)
Director A. Juzėnas
Leibke in the film Holocaust: The revenge plot
Director J. Green
German teenager in the film Instrument of War
Director Adam Anderegg


Participant, actor in the theatre festival Rainbow (Lith. Vaivorykštė)
Participant, actor in the cinema festival in Nida Summer Media


Vytautas Kernagis award winner, acting course 2

Other projects

Actor in Theater Workshop in Viljandi, Estonian Academy of Arts
Participant, actor in Young Theater Days in Klaipėda
Participant, actor in Cinema Workshop in Panevėžys V. Žemkalnis Gymnasium. Supervisor A. Špilevoj

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Summer Wasps Bite Us Even in November

Summer Wasps Bite Us Even in November

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