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  • One-part performance based on the motifs of the life and art of Oscar Wilde (Age14+)

Didžioji scena

Saulius Čiučelis


Saulius Čiučelis was born on 18 April 1985. He graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since 2008, he has been working as an actor at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Photographer Dainius Ščiuka

The Most Important Works in Theatre

The Earth by Olha Kobylianska
Director Ivan Uryvskyi
Botanist Alexander in My Fairy Herbarium (Lith. Mano fėjų herbariumas) based on B. Lacombe and S. Perez
Director P. Makauskas
Prompter-Assistant director, Artaud, Assistant director, First shadow in Sombras based on works by Federico Garcia Lorcos and Luigi Pirandello
Director G. Varnas
First town dweller, Conductor, Singer Kiuno, Koby in The Visit (Lith. Senos damos vizitas) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director A. Giniotis
Agamemnon in The Trojan women (Lith. Trojietės) based on tragedies by Euripides
Director P. Makauskas
Dr. Weiner, witness Alfonsas, ghetto prisoner in Ghetto (Lith. Getas) by Joshua Sobol
Director G. Varnas
Dervish Al-Hafi in Nathan the Wise (Lith. Natanas Išmintingasis) by G. E. Lessing
Director G. Varnas
Tiltil in The Blue Bird (Lith. Žydroji paukštė) by Maurice Maeterlinck
Director V. Martinaitis
Krizas in The Tribe (Lith. Gentis) based on Ieva Simonaitytė’s novel “Aukštujų Šimonių likimas”
Director A. Jankevičius
Sports Commentator II in Žalgirės by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė-Diena
Director V. Bareikis
Onibjenė in Fiorenza (Lith. Fjorenca) by Thomas Mann
Director J. Vaitkus
B1, B2, Salter in A Number (Lith. Skaičius) by Caryl Churchill
Director Ž. Vingelis
Laertes, Reinaldo in Hamlet (Lith. Hamletas) by William Shakespeare
Director V. Bareikis
Jack in The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu
Director A. Areima
Journalist Tomas Kudirka, Rustam, Arkadij, Good, Diamond 1, Broadcaster, Kęstutis, Ernestas in Forest Brother (lith. Miškinis) by Janis Balodis
Director V. Silis
Joker in Barbara (lith. Barbora) based on Barbora Radziwill (lith. Barbora Radvilaitė) by J. Grušas
Director J. Jurašas
Dog in Together based on Depeche Mode by Serhiy Zhadan
Director A. Areima
Linas in Jerusalem (Lith. Jeruzalė) by Jez Butterworth
Director R. Atkočiūnas
Peter Trofimov in The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov
Director A. Areima
Grandpa in Astrid (Lith. Astrida) by Inesa Paliulytė
Director I. Paliulytė
NKVD officer Simutis, Edgaras, Poe in White Shroud (Lith. Balta drobulė) based on Antaną Škėmą
Director J. Jurašas
Eunuch in Madame de Sade (Lith. Markizė de Sad) by Yukio Mishima
Director A. Areima
March Hare, Queen, King, Bill in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lith. Alisa stebuklų šalyje) by Lewis Carroll
Director Ewa Piotrowska
Franz in The Robbers by Friedrich von Schiller
Director A. Areima
Hare Bernardetas, Goat Makedonas in The Runaway Rabbit (Lith. Kiškis pabėgėlis) by Liudvikas Jakimavičius
Director A. Sunklodaitė
Koko in Stone and Ashes (Lith. Akmenų pelenai) by Daniel Danis
Director A. Jankevičius
Guard Budusas in Antigone in Siberia (Lith. Antigonė Sibire) by Aušra Marija Sluckaitė
Director J. Jurašas
Moderator Sunny Bay in Moderators (Lith. Moderatoriai)
Director A. Kurienius
Grandpa Tingelis in The City of the Future (Lith. Ateities miestas) by Vytautas V. Landsbergis
Director A. Jalianiauskas
Rokas in The Last Song of the Durans (Lith. Paskutinė Diuranų daina) by Daniel Danis
Director A. Jankevičius
Eduardo in Return to the Desert (Lith. Sugrįžimas į dykumą) by Bernard-Marie Koltès
Director A. Areima
Child of Stars in The Child of Stars (Lith. Žvaigždžių vaikas) by Liudmila Razumovskaja and Aleksandr Obrascov
Director A. Lebeliūnas
Guy who was cold in Dreams (Lith. Sapnai) by Ivan Vyrypaev
Director Kiril Glušajev
Captain Shotover in Heartbreak House (Lith. Sudužusių širdžių namai) by George Bernard Shaw
Director A. Savickaitė
Wolf Akela, monkey leader Lui, vulture, little monkey, little elephant in Maugli (Lith. Mauglis) by Rudyard Kipling
Director A. Mažeika
Anupras, Raupys, Šešelga in Whitehorn's Windmill (Lith. Baltaragio malūnas) by Kazys Boruta
Director J. Ušinskaitė

The Most Important Works in Theatre and Television

Actor in Emilija from Liberty Avenue (Lith. Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos)
Director D. Ulvydas
Justelis in Women’s Avenue (Lith. Moterų alėja)
Director V. Valašinas
Actor in Fall of the Roman Empire (Lith. Romos imperijos žlugimas)
Director Rex Piano, “Gardner films”
Director A. Bukauskas, “Alternative screen”
Actor in Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II (Lith. Nebijok: popiežiaus Jono Pauliaus II gyvenimas)
Director Jeff Bleckner, “Weinstein Company”


Fortune Diploma (lith. Fortūnos diplomas) for his role as Dog in Together and Joker in Barbora
Golden Stage Cross Award (lith. Auksinis scenos kryžius) for his role as Trofimov in The Cherry Orchard
Fortune Diploma for his role as Trofimov in The Cherry Orchard
Junior Theatre Critics Award (lith. Jaunujų teatro kritikų apdovanojimas) for his roles as Adomas Jakštas-Dambrauskas in JAH and for the roles as White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the King of Hearts and Bill the Lizard in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Fortune Diploma for his role as Adomas Jakštas-Dambrauskas in JAH
Fortune Diploma for his roles as Rabbit and Koko in A Runaway Rabbit and Stone and Ashes
We Act for Farmers (lith. Vaidiname žemdirbiams) Festival of the Lithuanian professional theatres. The Nicest Actor in A Star Child.

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