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Eugenija Bendoriūtė


Eugenija Bendoriūtė was born in 1968. She graduated from the Lithuanian State Conservatoire (now Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre). Since 1990, she has been working as an actress at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Photographer Dainius Ščiuka

The Most Important Works in Theatre

First town dweller, Burgomaster’s wife in The Visit (Lith. Senos damos vizitas) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director A. Giniotis
Zabiela in The Locals (Lith. Vietiniai) by B. Kapustinskaitė
Director P. Markevičius
Fairy, Blue child, Other child in The Blue Bird (Lith. Žydroji paukštė) by Maurice Maeterlinck
Director V. Martinaitis
Irene in  When we dead awaken by Henrik Ibsen
Director M. Klimaitė
Yura in Solė and Grandmothers (Lith. Solė ir močiutės) by Agnė Dilytė
Director A. Dilytė
Dolly in The Beggar's Opera (Lith. Vargšų opera) by John Gay
Director A. Kurienius
Woman in JAH by Gytis Padegimas
Director G. Padegimas
Alis in The Truth (Lith. Tiesa) by Florian Zeller
Director S. Rubinovas
Old lady in White Shroud (Lith. Balta drobulė) by Aušra Marija Sluckaitė
Director J. Jurašas
She in The Rarest Love Story (Lith. Rečiausia meilės istorija) by Peteris Chirčas
Director V. Valašinskas
Tamara in Five Evenings (Lith. Penki vakarai) by Aleksandr Volodin
Director A. Pociūnas
Passenger in Antigone in Siberia (Lith. Antigonė Sibire) by Aušra Marija Sluckaitė
Director J. Jurašas
Beggar in The Child of Stars (Lith. Žvaigždžių vaikas) by Lyudmila Razumovskaya and Aleksandr Obrazcov
Director A. Lebeliūnas
Lysistrata in Lysistrata (Lith. Lisistratė) by Aristophanes
Director S. Rubinovas
Béatrice in Jean et Béatrice (Lith. Žanas ir Beatričė) by Carole Frechette
Director S. Rubinovas
Lisbeth in The Glass of Tea with Lemon by Inger Hagerup
Director D. Juronytė
Remarkė in Guest of the Colonel‘s Widow (Lith. Svečiuose pas pulkininko našlę) by Juhan Smuul
Director D. Juronytė
Mercy Lewis in The Salem Witch (Lith. Salemo raganos) by Arthur Miller
Director R. Atkočiūnas
Bežiurstienė in Palanga by Augustinas Gricius
Director V. Valašinas
A number of characters in Blue Puppy (Lith. Mėlynasis šunytis) by Gyula Urban
Director A. Kurienius
Librarian in Do You Remember that Melody? (Lith. Ar tu prisimeni tą melodiją?) by Andrius Kurienius and Ridas Žirgulis
Director A. Kurienius
Whore in Sluts and Soldiers (Lith. Kekšės ir kareiviai) by Andrius Kurienius
Director A. Kurienius
Goatling Nerimaila in The Wolf and the Goatlings (Lith. Vilkas ir ožiukai) by Andrius Kurienius
Director A. Kurienius
The Little kitten in Island of Liars (Lith. Melagių sala) by Aldona Kudlaitė
Director A. Kudlaitė
Gina in The Woodcock Hunt (Lith. Slankų medžioklė) by Antanas Žekas
Director A. Lebeliūnas
Michael in Mary Poppins by Pamela Travers
Director R. Vaidotas
Eugenija in Tale about LEGO City (Lith. Pasaka apie Lego miestą) by Neris Karpuškaitė
Director N. Karpuškaitė
Gripe-Soleil in The Marriage of Figaro (Lith. Figaro vedybos) by Pierre de Beaumarchais
Director V. Balsys
Ida in The Dance Lesson (Lith. Šokių pamoka) by Astrid Saalbach
Director Nara Kimele
Rozetė in Leonce and Lena (Lith. Leonsas ir Lena) by Georg Büchner
Director D. Duškinas
Paliutė in Rondor Kvitor Who Is Smarter (lith. Randor kvit, arba Kas gudresnis) by Danutė Juronytė
Director D. Juronytė
Maniuška in Zoyka's Apartment (Lith. Zoikos butas) by Michail Bulgakov
Director L. Ryškus
Maid in Summer in Noan (Lith. Vasara Noane) by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz
Director D. Duškinas
Tailor in Around the Fountain or the Little Paris (Lith. Aplink fontaną arba Mažasis Paryžius) by Markas Zingeris
Director G. Padegimas
Sibyl in Private Lives (Lith. Asmeniniai gyvenimai) by Noël Coward
Director V. Balsys
Yoshi in Japanese Nights (Lith. Japonijos naktys) by Ken Miyamoto and Shichiro Fukazawa
Director Shoichi Yamada and Junji Ohmine
Rosaline in Love’s Labour’s Lost (Lith. Tuščios meilės pastangos) by William Shakespeare
Director G. Padegimas
Cinderella in Cinderella by Tamara Gabbe
Director N. Karpuškaitė
Dukra, Podukra in Bear‘s Hut (lith. Meškos trobelė) by Aldona Liobytė
Director D. Juronytė
Girl in These Ghosts (Lith. Vaiduokliai) by Eduardo de Filippo
Director N. Karpuškaitė
Pegeen in The Playboy of the Western World (Lith. Šaunuolis iš Vakarų pakrantės) by John Millington Synge
Director H. Vancevičius
Wolf’s stomach in Little Red Riding Hood (Lith. Raudonkepuraitė) by Julius Dautartas
Director J. Dautartas

The Most Important Works in Theatre and Television

Orphanage Director in No Home (Lith. Be namų)
Director S. Balandis, TV3 television
Boni in Criminal stories (Lith. Kriminalinės istorijos)
Director V. Valašinas, “Kaunas Plius”


Best Actress in children's play for the daughter's role in Bear’s Hut

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