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Keywords for Dr. GoraParasit’s premiere Snow White: multiform, video game logic, latex, and club music

On December 1, 2, and 3, Gintarė Minelgaitė-Duchin (Dr. GoraParasit), a theatre and experimental film director, lecturer, and designer, will unveil her interdisciplinary cinematic premiere Snow White at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. Her selected adaptation of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale, tailored for an adult audience, unfolds against the captivating backdrop of glacial mythology.

The artist, known under the pseudonym Dr. GoraParasit, not only conceptualized this performance but also serves as its director, playwright, and set and costume designer. Collaborating with her are sound artist and composer Sandra Kazlauskaitė, lighting artist Paulius Varonenka, choreographer Ema Senkuvienė, cameraman Edgaras Jocius, and camera and editing assistant Laura Pociūtė. Additionally, the performance involves fourteen actors from NKDT, students of dance and theatre pedagogy from VMU, and members of the KTU theatre studio “44” on the mass stages. Notably, Berlin-based theatre and film actress and lyricist Susana AbdulMajid will also make a presence in the performance. The cinematographic scenes will feature recognizable faces from the theatre staff.

Dr. GoraParasit

Gintarė Minelgaitė-Duchin, the originator of the concept and the creative force behind the performance, offers a bold and imaginative interpretation of Snow White. She envisions Snow White as a political activist and a remarkably strong character, challenging and erasing the canonized image portrayed in Disney animation and dispelling all symbols associated with Snow White in popular culture.

BDSM aesthetics allow us to question human nature while simultaneously highlighting the everyday myopia of society, our naivety, and social prejudices. Dr. GoraParasit’s performance explores a range of themes, including glacial ecology, the climate crisis, multilingualism, migration, hate, and social-gender dynamics. It also invites us to contemplate broader existential questions of the present and the future. By seamlessly combining different media – such as twerk dancing, video game logic, soundscapes by composer Sandra Kazlauskaitė, and club music – the director exposes her own psychological vulnerabilities and those of contemporary society.

With this production, Dr. GoraParasit invites the audience on a journey through the melting glaciers, using green screen techniques to prompt a transformative experience. We are encouraged to reflect upon ourselves through a magic mirror that unveils the reality of a world in the process of melting.

Filming episode

A major interdisciplinary premiere

Gintarė Minelgaitė-Duchin is widely recognized in Lithuania for her impactful work as a performance artist. Some of her notable creations include Psycho (part of the series “Kaip kine” (Like in films) 2016), Pipe Dreaming (2018), the award-winning comic book opera Alfa (2018), TikTok Shakespeare (2020), Gamma Gamme (featured at the Namas nr.3 (House No 3) festival, 2021), and the performance-living sculpture Tristan and Isolde (2020). Renowned as one of the most intriguing figures in Lithuanian performing arts, she garnered interdisciplinary experience at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London and served as a resident at the art centre The Watermill, overseen by postmodern theatre guru Robert Wilson, in New York. Having spent the last two years in the USA, Gintarė Minelgaitė-Duchin is currently working on Snow White, a specially developed production for the theatre stage featuring a large ensemble of performers. This project is poised to be one of the artist’s major productions. Reflecting on her approach to theatre, she remarked, “Theatre is a space for collaboration with other art forms, and the essence of my work is interdisciplinary. So, I thought it would be quite enjoyable to create a semi-theatrical, semi-cinematic work for the stage and theatre. I want to play with that idea,” she shared as the premiere approached.

Performance for adults (18+).

Photos by Svetlana Batura.


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