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JOIN IN: a conference on interactivity and participation in theatre for children and youth. Bergen (Norway)
Sept 30-Oct 2 2021

Through 2018-21, five theatre companies have established the network “Participate in your life”, exploring interactivity in children’s theatre through discussions and workshops. Fall 2021, we will arrange an open conference about interactivity and participation in children’s theatre in Bergen, Norway, where we will invite a broad spectre of artists from all over Europe. August 2022 will be the premiere of an interactive performance the partners in the network will make together.
The main aim of this project is to exchange artistic methods and approaches: to get to know each other’s cultural background and to ensure know-how transfer. In the future, the members of this network should be able to create international projects on different areas of performativity. Our long-term goal is to create a platform of knowledge where the partners connect performative tools and participation, concentrating on children and youngsters. We hope that the project can stimulate other artists.
The Participate In Your Life network is happy to welcome you to the JOIN IN conference – 3 days of keynotes, workshops, discussions, interactive performances at Cornerteateret in Bergen.
We aim to explore the topic of interactivity and audience participation in performing arts for children and youth and to discuss these three questions:
What can the young audiences learn from the art experience itself?
How can interactivity and active participation in theatre make way for new art forms and expressions?
Can involving the audience stimulate stronger democratic processes in society?


Also the participant will see 6 performances  for  youth and children:  “Romeo&Juliet“  (K:13, Norway), “The King of the Hill” (National Kaunas Drama Theatre, Lithuania), „Spor“ ( Bird&Bat, Iceland), “based on true story (Kava Kulturalis Muhely, Hungary, “The Tiger Bus” (Tigerstadsteatret, Norway),  “The Black Shadow” (Eventyr I parken , Norway).

“The King of the Hill”. D. Stankevičius photo

 We are very much looking forward to seeing artists, theatre professionals, actors, teachers, students and cultural politicians from all over the world. The conference language is English.

We are monitoring the Covid-situation closely and are prepared to make necessary adaptations. In the unlikely event of cancellations, all tickets will be refunded.

In addition to the physical conference, a digital program will also be available. The digital conference program will consist of a combination of direct streaming and other digital elements. Streamed program posts: Speakers Lise Hovik, Kristian Nødtvedt Knudsen, Ine Therese Berg, Hilde Brinchmann, Chris Cooper and Ragnhild Tronstad. Discussions moderated by Mariken Lauvstad and Ragnhild Freng Dale. Video-presentations of the interactive performances.

The digital program will be available for the purchaser until Oct 10 2021.

​The conference is funded by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fond, Arts Council Norway and Bergen Municipality.

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