The National Kaunas Drama Theatre implements various educational programs. Some of them are included in the Culture Passport program.

If you would like to book an education or use the Culture Passport basket, please contact us by phone +370 658 48571 or by e-mail

Educational Workshop “Lė-kiau-Lė-kiau”

The creators of the educational workshop “Lė-kiau-lė-kiau” have a social goal and a mission in analyzing the everyday life of teenagers: to start a conversation – a game between teenagers themselves, in which each one of them is not only responsible for himself, but also for every person in his environment. Using creative tools and role-playing situations, the principle of one for all and all for one is put into practice in practical solutions. For a young person, changes in social and mental development, the search for identity, values, accepting and sticking to commitments and complicated relationships with adults are stressful. The educational workshop “Lie-Lie-Lie-Lie-Lie” is particularly relevant for young people aged 14-16 years old, as teenagers can use the workshop to explore their problems through their own experiences or to recognize themselves in the stories of their peers.
Fit for: 7-10 grade;
Number of participants: 15-30;
Price: 6 €

Sound Pranks in the Theatre

It’s probably hard to imagine a performance without music. Especially for children. Music, songs, various atmospheric sounds help us to understand the story better, to feel the emotion, the mood of the action. Composers know best what else a whole palette of sounds brings to a performance. Pijus Narijauskas is a composer who composes music specifically for children. He has composed soundtracks for dozens of plays and has released several music albums for children. In the workshop, Pijus will be happy to share his experience and show how everyone can create music in theatre and theatre in music.
Fit for: 1-4 grade;
Number of participants: 15-30;
Price: 6 €
Garso isdaigos teatre, edukacijos

At National Kaunas Drama Theater

Did you know that the main building of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre has three stages: the Big Stage, the Rūta Hall and the Small Stage? And then there are the make-up rooms, the make-up workshop, the sewing room, the props workshop, where the sets and the various objects used in the play are created! During the tour, you will visit the theatre’s stages, meet the craftsmen in the workshops – at each stop you will learn the interesting history of the theatre and get answers to your questions.
Fit for: 1–12 grade;
Number of participants: 15–25;
Price: 5 €
Ekskursija teatre

Improvisation Workshops

During this workshop, students will be introduced to basic improvisation techniques through theatre games, become active participants and develop their creativity. The activities will teach young people to be courageous, to feel their bodies and voices better, to trust themselves and their friends, to develop their reactions, to relax their imagination and to immerse themselves in a fun creative space. The workshop encourages free improvisation to create stories, to try their hand at the stage, acting out different situations from everyday school life. No one will write grades here. There is no need to think, prepare or know anything. Just an hour of the funniest games and imaginative jokes that will reveal the subtleties of the acting profession and the possibilities of improvisation.
Fit for: 9–12 grade;
Number of participants: 15–30;
Price: 6 €
Improvizacijos dirbtuves

Character Creation Workshop

When you watch a performance, do you ever think about how many elements have to be thought through to create a fox or a boy like this? Where do their gait, manner of speaking, expression and other important elements come from? What does it take to make a character compelling, memorable and expressive? Through a variety of theatrical games, children will not only solve these riddles, but also create their own characters. By feeling the potential of their bodies and voices, developing memory and concentration, creativity and teamwork skills, children learn to understand the subtleties of the art of theatre-making, to notice new things and to create a fully interesting and thoughtful character.
Fit for: 5–9 grade;
Number of participants: 15–30;
Price: 6 €

Theatre Backstage For The Curious

It is an education for young and curious theatre friends who want to get to know the world of theatre from a closer perspective. The lecturers will reveal how a performance is born in a professional theatre, what creative stages are necessary to achieve a result, and how many professionals work in different professions. You will learn what a play is, what a prop is, what a director is, what a lighting designer is, what a set designer is, what a traversos is, what a costume designer is, who creates costumes and sets in the theatre. During the activity, step by step, using the mysterious “Theatre Cube” of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre for education, the invisible laboratory of the creation of a performance will be opened to the audience, from the story to its “dressing” on stage.
Fit for: 2–4 grade;
Number of participants: 15–30;
Price: 6 €

Practical Techniques For Stage Language

Education develops the ability to express oneself freely and unrestrictedly. This ability is essential for many professions – art, politics, science. It is not only grammar and correct style of speech, but also the freedom of thought and its materialization. The most important thing is to believe in what you are saying, to understand it, to know that you can trust your voice and your body.
Fit for: 5–12 grade;
Number of participants: 15–30;
Price: 6 €

A Voice In Role Creation

What is a “character”? What constitutes a “character”? What makes a ‘character’ alive, thinking, breathing, compelling? Actor David Breivė invites you to his educational workshop, which will answer not only the above questions, but also many others that will be born from the process of searching, creating and observing yourself and others. The main goal of the workshop is to learn how to be able to use your whole body and its possibilities (voice, physics, face) to create roles in different types of genres and forms. And to do it with courage, confidence, and pleasure. Want to challenge yourself? Take part!
Fit for: 9–12 grade;
Number of participants: 15–30;
Price: 6 €

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