Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

CITYTELLING FESTIVAL. October 21, October 23

The creators of the Kaunas 2022 Citytelling festival are right: Kaunas and the Kaunas district are full of stories. Dramatic, weird, or comic. October 17 -24th they will spread around the streets, parks, strange forgotten places and so on. We will also share ours – for your enjoyment, two tours of the strangest stories associated with National Kaunas Drama Theater.

 October 21st (Monday), 12:30

Stories for the Lunchtime

The Excursion to Theatre Backstage

The National Kaunas Drama Theatre, Kaunas State Puppet Theatre, Kaunas State Musical Theatre


Are the National Kaunas Drama Theatre and Kaunas State Musical Theatre siblings or cousins? It was a time when these two theatres operated under the same roof and shared the same hall. The Puppet Theatre established midway between the two, the youngster in the Theatre family is capable of doing both: commenting on the dramas of its big neighbors and telling the story of its own.

On October 21, dramatic stories of the three will be narrated for the first time, before they have been covered by debris of repairs and lost in the mists of time. This excursion is well worth taking.

Curated by Jolanta Garnytė-Jadkauskienė

Phone: +37068752649

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Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.


October 23rd (Wednesday), 20:00

EVENING EVENT Ghostly Theatre Stories

The National Kaunas Drama Theatre

The participants of the event will have a possibility to explore the Theatre space extraordinarily – without a guide providing meticulous details on the history of the Theatre, its activities and backstage hidden from the audience’s view. Ghostly Theatre Stories will not give the participants a formal account of creative achievements of the Theatre personalities, neither will they spread encyclopedic knowledge or approved information. The event opens up a possibility to hear accounts of theatre-goers and… ghost stories.  Late in the evening, when the audience and actors have departed, live reminiscences gather in the Theatre, to share with us details of the most precious, magical and memorable moments ever savoured in this space. These stories may be lies or truthful ones, or mere tittle-tattle and fiction. This doesn’t matter though. What matters is the fact that the Theatre teems with life that play reviews, critiques and theatrologists’ dissertations cannot capture. The Theatre history in living memory is rich and colorful, fascinating and evoking nostalgia.

Phone: +37068752649

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