Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

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Translated from German by Antanas Gailius

This drama stands as a summary of all previous dramas, from The Doll House to this one, written by Henrik Ibsen. The last one concludes the whole drama cycle. The play is about the value of life and art, the decisions made, the losses experienced and the natural instinct to get back everything what was lost. “Despite the person’s age, status, social position or time, he or she is always on the way of selection. Even though this play was written in the XX century, it seems to be relevant today because a man and his spiritual needs do not change. Only circumstances and the way they take place change. All characters of the play are like “victims” of earlier decisions: they feel imprisoned in their own as well as in others’ existence. During the play I would like to talk about a person who tries to escape from the stagnant reality, get back the lost “freedom” and be reborn in the “new life”. I see this creation as a synthesis of reality and a fairy tale with no place or age to be recognised”, claims M Klimaitė.

The Long hall

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Opening: October 29-30 and November 2, 2016

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