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Lepeškaitė Nijolė Ona


N. Lepeškaitė was born in 1947, studied acting at the Lithuanian State Conservatoire (currently the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre). Since 1968 she has been performing at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. N. Lepeškaitė is a popular actress in Lithuanian cinema and has performed roles in Latvian and Estonian cinemas. She founded the My Theatre (Lith. Mano teatras) theatre school. The actress is also a director and a teacher.

The Most Important Works in Theatre

Marija in Sad God (Lith. Liūdnas dievas) by Inesa Paliulytė
Director I. Paliulytė
Kate Keller in All My Sons (Lith. Visi mano sūnūs) by Arthur Miller
Director J. Vaitkus
Erna in Die Präsidentinnen (Lith. Prezidentės) by Werner Schwab
Director T. Hinterberger
Lucia in The Long Christmas Dinner (Lith. Ilga Kalėdų vakarienė) by Thorton Wilder
Director G. Padegimas
Aldona in The Great Desire (Lith. Didysis geismas) by Juozas Montvila
Director N. Karpuškaitė
Mrs. Webb in Our Town (Lith. Mūsų miestelis) by Thornton Wilder
Director G. Padegimas
Kristi in The Rose Garden (Lith. Rožynas) by Enn Vetemaa
Director I. Petrov
Valentina in Valentin and Valentina (Lith. Valentinas ir Valentina) by Mikhail Roshchin
Director L. Lurje
Barbara (Lith. Barbora) in Barbara Radziwiłł (Lith. Barbora Radvilaitė) by Juozas Grušas
Director J. Jurašas


Fortune Diploma (Lith. Fortūnos diplomas) for her role as Kate Keller in All My Sons (Lith. Visi mano sūnūs)
Fortune Statuette (Lith. Fortūnos statulėlė) for her role as Erna in Die Präsidentinnen (Lith. Prezidentės)

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