Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

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2019 June 17

“IDeas”: shed your serpent skin, spend 20-minute in a police truck?

2019 April 25

The premiere “The Visit” directed by Aidas Giniotis

2019 April 20

Guests from the Theatre Association of China visited the National Kaunas Drama Theatre

2019 April 10

Games for power in the premiere of Dangerous Liaisons

2019 April 2

These plays will be showed with ENGLISH SURTITLES

2019 February 18

Festival DIVE INTO THE THEATRE: international, interactive, rescuing from routine

2019 February 13

Review: Remembering the Holocaust in Ghetto

2018 November 19

Celebrating Theatre’s birthday with four premiers!

2018 November 2

More plays with English surtitles this season

2018 September 20

GHETTO by Josua Sobol. The premier is dedicated to 75th anniversary of the abolishment of the Vilna Ghetto

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